Approaching concussion care can feel overwhelming for anyone, whether it’s for themselves or a loved one. It’s easy to see why, as the complexities of the brain and how it’s impacted by a concussion can be confusing and filled with a lot of worry. Because of this, there are many questions you likely have about what to expect and facts you want to know about the process. To help get you started, some of the most important things you should know about concussion care are given below.

– Don’t Stop With Medical Care

When a concussion is experienced, immediate medical care is crucial in making sure you’re not in any imminent danger. However, this should not be the end of the overall care that you seek. It’s crucial to follow up by meeting with a functional neurologist in Denver, CO. Their experience and knowledge of these types of brain injuries will ensure they can help you navigate through the rehabilitation of your brain.

Why is this so important? Because just like a broken bone needs physical rehabilitation to begin working normally, the brain needs rehabilitation in order to gain functionality.

– Not All Care Providers Are the Same

While you’ll be in excellent hands when you receive care from a traditional doctor, their ultimate goal is to make sure you’re not in danger. They may offer advice to rest but their recovery care will generally stop there. By meeting with a functional neurologist in addition to your regular care providers, you’ll get the overall most comprehensive care. That’s because the focus on the functional neurologist is rehabilitating your brain by finding exactly what was damaged during the injury.

– Follow-Up Care Makes a Difference

Did you know that days, months, or even years after a concussion occurs it could still cause damage to the cells in your brain? While this may not be something you notice at first, in time it could mean having trouble with your memory, difficulty with emotions, or many other cognitive problems. By receiving follow-up care with someone like a functional neurologist in Denver, you will work towards preventing that additional damage while encouraging the creation of new connections.

– Concussion Care is a Process

When you work with a functional neurologist in Denver, CO, you’ll quickly learn that rehabilitating your brain isn’t something that happens in just one day. It takes to time heal the damage caused by the injury and work towards encouraging the new growth of connections. However, with the right commitment to healing with the help of your functional neurologist, change can happen.

Future Expectations

Whether your concussion occurred recently or many years ago, it’s never too late to address the damage it might have caused. Fortunately a functional neurologist will be able to help by focusing on the damage and how it has affected your brain and body connection. With their help, you can look forward to a brighter future with confidence that you’ve helped your brain adequately recover.