When a person learns they have diabetes, they likely try to work with their primary care physician to help manage this condition. This physician will likely recommend an insulin therapy that can help keep a person’s diabetes in check. While this is helpful and a person should certainly continue with this therapy, it is not the only way a person should manage it. By working with a functional neurologist who is experienced in diabetes management, a person can be sure they are getting the exact care and therapy plan they need to stay healthy and keep their blood sugar in check.

Many doctors simply do not have the experience necessary to help someone with diabetes. They often have one plan that they recommend for every patient they see. The problem with this is that every person’s body is different. This means that there is not a single plan that is effective for each person. Certainly, there are similarities in the therapies each patient receives, but it must ultimately be fine-tuned in order for it to be the most effective. An experienced functional neurologist will examine your individual health needs in order to develop an effective therapy plan for your specific diabetes.

The first thing a functional neurologist will do is learn of your particular health needs in order to develop a personalized diet for you. Since every person needs different vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, there is not a single diet that can help everyone. In general, people should cut out processed foods, foods high in sugar, or starchy foods that break down into sugar in our bodies (such as white rice and white bread). By excluding these foods and eating an organic, all-natural diet that gets a person their individual dietary needs, a person can help prevent problems with blood sugar and help keep a person healthy.

Another area a functional neurologist will help a person with is incorporating exercise into their daily life. For many people, starting an exercise program is a daunting task. It may have been years since a person last exercised, so they don’t even know where to begin or worry that they may do too much an injure themselves. A functional neurologist will help you start a program that you can stick with, stay safe, and get healthy based on your individual fitness level. This way, you can start exercising and help burn off excess blood sugar in your body.

When picking a health care provider for diabetes management, make sure you work with an experienced practitioner who will learn of your individual health needs and develop a therapy based around it. Instead of simply relying on insulin therapy, you can supplement this with diet and exercise to effectively manage your diabetes and keep your body healthy. Even with diabetes, it is possible to feel better than you ever have in your entire life.