It’s February and if you live in Colorado you know that means the snow season is just starting. But the good news is you can still workout! Most people make a few common mistakes when lifting weights such as not warming up, improper lifting, and neglecting certain muscles.

All too often you see people walk into a gym that neglect warming up first. That is a huge mistake!  It is important to take quick 10 minutes to warm your muscles up. There are several ways to get the blood flowing such as jogging on the treadmill, the elliptical or even a stationary bike. You should be at a pace in which you can still keep a conversation with someone. If you are saying, “Jodie, I absolutely hate cardio”, then you can warm-up each muscle individually.  An example is to use the leg press machine, decrease the weight, and do 20 repetitions. Once you finish the 20 reps at a low weight, then increase the weight and proceed with your normal routine. You will do this with each muscle group you exercise.

Second if you are not sure how to use a machine or perform a certain exercise ask a personal trainer.  Do not ask someone at the gym because there is a chance the person you ask isn’t doing the exercise correctly and you can get injured. Most personal trainers love it when people ask them questions about exercises.

Lastly, too many people do the exact same routine each time the go to the gym and then wonder why they don’t see results.  Just because you want good biceps doesn’t mean forget about your triceps or if you want good quads then forget about your hamstrings.  It is critical when you lift to make sure you strengthen opposing muscle groups.  If you only focus on certain muscles and forget about other muscles you are putting yourself at a high risk to get injured.  Also make sure to constantly change up your routine.  If you keep doing the same thing your body will adapt to it and you will plateau.  You need to keep challenging your body.  There are many ways to work every muscle.  If you have hit a plateau and need help, email me at or call at 303-781-5617.  Also by constantly changing up your routine, exercising can be enjoyable and you won’t get bored. Now go enjoy your workout! Jodie

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