When dealing with a traumatic brain injury, most people will seek immediate medical care, rest for a few days, and then move on with their everyday life. While rest and immediate care are both critical for adequate recovery, quickly moving on after this is never recommended. Instead, it’s best to continue rehabilitation for the brain by seeking help from a top rated Denver brain injury clinic. By doing so, you can meet with an experienced functional neurologist who can address your brain injury in a much more complete and comprehensive manner. Some of the unique qualities of their care include:

– Comprehensive Testing

Have you ever wondered what damage really occurred when you suffered from a brain injury, such as a concussion? When you meet with a functional neurologist, you’ll learn this specific information. They use advanced testing techniques in order to identify exactly where the damage occurred and how it’s affecting your brain-to-body connection. A few examples of tests you might experience include:

– Coordination Test
– Mental Status Evaluation
– Computerized Blind Spot Evaluation

These tests are not available with traditional care providers but are standard with functional neurology care because of how accurate they are.

– Personalized Rehabilitation Plan

Functional neurology relies on natural solutions such as brain-based therapies in order to help the brain heal. Each different therapy option is designed to prevent additional damage while encourage the growth of new connections. Your functional neurologist will determine the right therapy plan for you based on your individual test results. This will help ensure you receive the most effective care possible, as each person and every brain injury is different.

– Objective Measurements

Instead of simply going through your rehabilitation plan and hoping that you’ll get better, your functional neurologist will use objective measurements that actually show your progress from where you started. By being able to see these, you’ll have actual evidence of how you’re getting better, even if you already know you are because you feel better. With traditional care, this isn’t something you’d receive.

– Safe and Effective Care

When you work with a functional neurologist, you won’t be burdened with constant recommendations for dangerous medications you don’t want to take. Their drug-free care is completely free of pharmaceuticals that often come with a long list of side-effects. Fortunately because it’s based on your body specifically, it’s much more effective than any medication would be.

Beating Your Brain Injury

Any degree of brain injury can be a complex issue to deal with no matter what your age. While addressing this through immediate medical care is always important, it’s crucial not to stop there. By taking the time to go to a top rated brain injury clinic in Denver, you’ll be giving your brain the best chance at a complete recovery. Their goal is to help you rehabilitate the damage caused by the injury and work towards a stronger, healthier brain.