Are you pre-diabetic or have you already developed type 2 diabetes? If so, managing your health condition should be your number one priority. Without effective care, diabetes can become more and more difficult to support. Patients who do not receive or follow through with comprehensive support for type 2 diabetes put themselves at higher and higher risks for severe and even life threatening complications.

At the same time, there is much that can be done to manage type 2 diabetes–much more than many patients realize. This is good news. Pre-diabetics as well as those with the disease can gain control of their health by making changes to their diet and lifestyle, in particular, in addition to undergoing care from a qualified medical practitioner.

The best support plan for managing type 2 diabetes is a personalized one, as it is specifically designed to help you achieve the best possible health with minimal need for medication. Good health can be achieved through care from a functional neurologist. Functional neurology differs from conventional medical approaches to diabetes support, yet it can work as a wonderfully effective compliment to traditional care.

Standard medical doctors typically seek to manage type 2 diabetes through a combination of dietary and exercise recommendations, plus prescription medications as deemed necessary. The problem for many patients is, it is extremely difficult if not impossible for them to achieve the health weight loss and increase in physical activity their doctors recommend–especially long term. If it were possible for them to do so on their own, most would already have done so.

Even worse, patients who find it difficult to start or carry through with lifestyle changes on their own may experience increased stress, as they feel more and more out of control about their own health. Worried about the progression of the disease, frustrated with dependence on medication, the type 2 diabetes patient may feel at a loss as to how to proceed with managing their condition.

Seeking the help and support of a functional neurologist who works with diabetics is an easy way to start taking charge of your health. Functional neurology focuses on finding the root causes of health issues. It’s entirely possible to discover the reasons for your insulin sensitivity. Safe, gentle and effective therapies and interventions that are designed specifically for you can then bring about beneficial changes in your health.  Patients typically find it not only possible but empowering to begin to take charge of their own health through functional wellness care.

Functional neurologist and patients are therapeutic partners in care, and the patient receives all of the information, education and support needed to feel motivated and capable of making good decisions to support their health. In this way, it’s possible you can achieve long term improvements in your health as a type 2 diabetes patient. Weight loss, a decrease in symptoms such as headaches, fewer infections, less of a reliance on medication and increased energy levels are among the many significant health improvements you can look forward to achieving.