Does it feel like every time you turn around, you see or hear something about type 2 diabetes? Whether it is an article online, or in a print magazine, or even a news story, it sure feels like type 2 diabetes is everywhere. It may not truly be everywhere but it seems that way, what with magazine ads and television commercials for new diabetes medications and therapies. These ads show vibrant, healthy looking adults who aren’t slowed down by their health concerns.

It might make you think that you want to be that way, too. Do you have type 2 diabetes as a part of your life? If so, there’s no need to restrict your food or your activities. As long as your type 2 diabetes is well managed between you and your diabetes care provider, there is no reason that you can’t take part in your favorite hobbies or activities and eat your favorite treats. Your life can look very similar to what is presented in those ads.

The key to having a full life despite also having type 2 diabetes is simple. You must first find the right diabetes care provider for you. You want someone who meshes well with your personality and who has a similar mindset. You want someone who sees you as a partner in your quest for good health, and not just someone who gives orders and sends you on your way.

Once you have found your ideal diabetes care provider, you must always be honest with them. If you are having more symptoms than usual, it is important to tell them. If you have been feeling particularly unwell lately, you should be honest and not just brush it aside as feeling a little off. It’s possible that you may need some simple tests to determine what’s going on. Your diabetes care provider can help you to feel better, so it is always a good idea to let them know what is going on.

Be truthful, because a compassionate provider will not judge if you say you’ve had more sweets than usual. Instead, they will give you guidance on healthier alternatives to eat when a sugar craving hits, so you can still have a sweet, but perhaps one which is a little more nutritious for your body. For instance, you can try substituting sweet berries in place of gummy bears when you crave something sweet and fruity. By doing this, your body gets some vitamins and minerals with the sugar and not just sugar all by itself.

Trust in your diabetes care provider is essential. What is also important is that you do the things they suggest. If they suggest regular exercise to help keep you from gaining weight, then don’t grumble about it. Instead, find a way to move your body that you enjoy. If you loathe gyms, then dance to music at home, or walk your dog. No matter what, get moving. To learn more ways to help control your type 2 diabetes, contact a highly respected functional neurologist.