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After seeing several chiropractors, I finally found one who cared about my constant soreness. Dr. Shane Steadman. fixed all my aches and pains and I’ve stayed in alignment for over a year now.

They took the time to listen to my concerns and truly wanted to help me. They are friendly, warm and caring people. I am so thankful, I found them.

A. Dawson

Denver, CO

Before coming to Integrated Health I was dizzy, my legs were sore and stiff and I struggled with my balance.  Mountain climbing was not an option and I was unable to walk any distance. My head and eyes did not feel right, I was unable to focus.

Through the combination of exercises and special glasses I have been able to see some progress. My favorite part about working with IHS was the personal relationships & the confidence of the staff. 

For anyone considering working with Integrated Health, you have a positive chance of improving your issues. 


Arvada, CO

Everyone that works here is very kind and caring. The doctors spend lots of time asking questions and testing to make sure that whatever health issues you are having get solved. They don’t try to just cover up your problems with medications. My experience here has been so much better than any of the traditional doctors that I’ve been too. I feel better now than I have in 14 years!

Salena F.

Online review

I have been coming to Dr. Steadman and Integrated Health for years. I absolutely recommend this practice and office without hesitation! They really do know what they’re doing and I trust them with my health.

I have recommended them many times to friends and family, who are now patients. I’ve had several different health issues come up over the years. My regular doctor seemed to always be dumbfounded, and could never seem to come up with answers other than giving me some prescription medication. But, time and time again Integrated Health gave me the answers!

Whether it was tweaking my diet to avoid gluten and other allergies I had, to supplements that helped me feel great, to a few low back problems that would not go away, Integrated Health has helped me in many ways. I trust this office fully and I recommend that if you have an issue without an answer, give them a call! They can and will help you too.

R. Oliver

Online review

I had been struggling with post-concussive syndrome and severe energy and digestive issues for years before I found Dr. Steadman. I was not able to work or socialize or have a life. I worked with many “top” doctors around the country and was told that I was “fine.” In other words, most doctors did not want to take the time to work with a case like mine, because it was too complex. They didn’t want to take the time to find answers. Due to all this, I did not trust Dr. Steadman when he told me he really likes to work with cases like mine; I had been told so many times by doctors that they could help.

After many visits I began to acknowledge that Dr. Steadman really does stick to his word, and he is truly committed to being a detective as well as a doctor. He is different. He takes the time that most doctors don’t take to look more closely and explore all possibilities, as he has been doing with me for the past 7 months.

It turns out that things weren’t as complicated as I had been told, but nobody was willing to put in the time to really figure out what was going on. Once we got some answers, I started to feel better. It’s an ongoing process, but I’m totally confident I’ll continue to get better. Dr. Steadman listens and takes time with his patients. He educates and informs as well, to empower his patients. I am so grateful to him and his wonderful team.

Malia M.

Online review

I had several test done that helped figure out what problems were occurring in my brain. I felt the doctor was very thorough in the examination. I also felt the whole team was very knowledgeable and did their best to take care of me as a patient.

Edwin E.

Morrison, CO

I am very grateful for Dr. Shane Steadman and his staff. For over a year, my left arm was becoming “frozen” in a bent position, and I could not straighten it out. After much chiropractic, massage therapy and acupuncture, I found Dr. Steadman by referral of someone else he had helped significantly.

Dr. Steadman assessed my symptoms, did some testing and had me do some simple eye/brain exercises. Amazingly, my arm was able to straighten out and be natural again. I am forever grateful.

After this success, I took my young son to Dr. Steadman, for a concussion he had sustained several years prior. The staff treated my son wonderfully, and the exercises appeared to really help him. Thank you, docs and staff at Integrated Health Systems!

Holly F.

Denver, CO

After hearing my own Doctor’s wife talk about how much her health had improved after going through the Integrated Health program, AND, after hearing her speak so highly of Dr. Steadman, and his Integrated Health Team, I decided to take a chance and check it out for myself!

She was correct! Yes, they helped me as well… a fact for which I am very grateful!!

You see, their program is completely unique, and centered around guiding one to recognize so many things that can enrich and strengthen your body (and even your brain!) that perhaps you never thought of before!! Yes, I said “Guiding” you…NOT pressuring you, which I loved, because they help you design a plan according to what YOU want and what YOU feel your needs are, in order to enrich your health and life!

Their programs are quite varied, unique and interesting! As far as I am concerned, Dr. Steadman, and the whole Integrated Health Team’s knowledge, and professionalism are unmatched… including the front office team members, who are always so gracious and accommodating.

It has been a very valuable learning experience, and one I know will continue to benefit me! So thanks again, for your caring, your concern.

Laura H.

Denver, CO

I’ve spent the last 10 years dealing with a chronic immune related illness that has affected my health in numerous ways beyond the illness itself. After going years without a proper diagnosis I finally found a caring Dr who ran some additional tests and figured out the source of my problems. However, while he is a wonderful Dr his knowledge revolves around western medicine and I was basically told there wasn’t much we could do other than allowing my body to heal itself through time. I didn’t want to accept that answer and searched elsewhere. A friend recommended Dr Steadman and from my first visit I felt like I finally found someone who not only was willing to listen but like me wasn’t going to accept that there was “nothing we could do”.

It’s been a roller-coaster of ups and downs over the last few years since I started seeing Dr Steadman as reducing stress plays a key role in my healing (and unfortunately I haven’t been lacking for stress) but with Dr Steadman’s help I’ve had more improvements than I ever saw with any other treatments we used over the years. In fact, before one of my latest major stress episodes my illness had finally gone dormant for several months and I actually felt “normal” for the first time in years.

I’m working on getting there again and while I know it will still take some time I’m confident with the advice of Dr Steadman than I’ll make my way back there and hope I can learn more ways to keep my stress managed so that these flares come far less frequently.

Michelle V.

Highlands Ranch, CO

We first started to see Dr. Steadman when my 5 year old son was diagnosed with amblyopia. In addition to vision issues he was having multiple behavioral problems including acting out aggressively toward his brothers, impulsivity and defiance. Dr. Steadman was able to help us find resources that would help us understand how all of these issues tied together as a result of a weakness in the development of my son’s right brain. He was been able to walk alongside us over the last 3 years as we have worked to understand and support our son.

He helped us examine dietary issues, found a natural supplement and developed a routine of exercises to strengthen my son’s development. We have been so blessed to have found someone who would truly listen to or questions and concerns, especially about the use of medications, to help us weigh our options at each new phase.

He has even helped us advocate for our son at school to find ways for him to be successful. It is so empowering to know that we can actually be a part of actually repairing his brain instead of just trying to cover up or cure symptoms!

Carrie E.


I have hashimoto’s and suffered with increased fatigue and tired feelings to the point where my work and person life was affected. Also suffered from “brain fog” and headaches.

I have much better and consistent energy now. My head is much clearer and sharper. I like that IHS works to treat the root causes rather than symptoms. IHS started with a comprehensive blood test program, then we worked to support my immune system, remove possible antigens and toxins from my diet and support my physiological systems that were not functioning optimally.

The IHS therapies also have been great to work with, giving me brain-based exercises to restore communication between the brain and thyroid.

Brett B.

Aurora, CO

I had a concussion and started seeing Dr. Steadman about three weeks into my recovery process. I had dizzy spells, lightheadedness, headaches, trouble with word finding while speaking, problems with balance, nausea and difficulty eating full meals, insomnia at night, anxiety nightmares when I did sleep, constant fatigue throughout the day, and I flustered easily and was highly emotional. I was also very light sensitive and noise sensitive.

I feel much more like my old self again. In some ways I feel even better. I am still in the recovery process as it has only been a couple of months, but my recovered accelerated upon starting to see Dr. Steadman. My episodes of the previously mentioned symptoms are very infrequent and much less intense.

I sustained a head injury while skiing in late January and as a result suffered a concussion and had been diagnosed with post-concussive syndrome. I didn’t understand my symptoms or what to expect, and I was becoming very frustrated with myself and with my recovery process. Things that I could normally do in the past, like speak a foreign language, swim, teach a roomful of noisy 4th graders, and dance to live music would all make my head spin and make me crash. A head injury is not like a broken arm that you can feel healing due to lessening pain, and increased utility, so it was a very frustrating process, and I often felt like my symptoms were “all in my head” as I joked, because it was hard to accept them as real or legitimate.

I had seen multiple doctors, specialists, therapists, and speech therapists, and had five different radiology exams from CT scans to MRIs, and I had been hospitalized and given drugs with very uncomfortable side effects. After all of this, all I ever heard from anyone was, “There’s no way to tell how long this will take, and there’s nothing we can do but wait it out.” Some doctors offered me brief explanations of what my brain had experienced, but no explanation as to the implications of my injury.

The first time I saw Dr. Steadman, he did a much more thorough examination than I had received from the multitude of doctors I had already seen.

He spent a long time explaining what I had experienced, how it affected different parts of my brain, and how those parts affected my body, my processing abilities, what I was experiencing, and what I would start to experience through recovery. He explained all of this in a way that was easy to understand, yet thorough enough to give me a complete picture. He spoke with me in a way that honored my experiences and provided personalized responses and action plans. He was so easy to talk to and enjoyable to work with. He was the first doctor who told me that we could actually do something to aid and even accelerate my recovery.

Dr. Steadman had such a thorough understanding of what was happening with my brain and my recovery that he was even able to pinpoint some behaviors and brain functioning that were likely happening prior to my injury and were likely being exacerbated by it. In the process of helping me to recover from my injury, he has helped me to alleviate some of the problems I was experiencing before my injury that contributed to anxiety and emotional hypersensitivity.

Since I started working with him, Dr. Steadman has given me many easy exercises and behaviors I can practice at home to aid in my recovery. He has also given me tools to use to alleviate the symptoms caused by stressful situations and light sensitivity. All of this has gotten me back to my normal life more quickly. I’ve been able to get back to work and have even coped with the end of school year stresses better than I ever have in the past. I’ve slowly started getting back to exercising, and even started listening to live music and dancing again within the past few weeks.

I feel like I have emerged from what felt like a shadow to be my enthusiastic and energetic old self again! All of my family, friends, and colleagues say it’s good to have me back. I’m happy to be back and I thank Dr. Steadman for helping to make my recovery much less difficult.

Robin D.

After seeing several chiropractors, I finally found one who cared about my constant soreness. Dr. Shane Steadman. fixed all my aches and pains and I’ve stayed in alignment for over a year now.

They took the time to listen to my concerns and truly wanted to help me. They are friendly, warm and caring people. I am so thankful, I found them.

A. Dawson

Denver, CO

I want to pause a moment to thank you and your fine staff for your incredible care for me after my car accident (Jan 2004), when that 19 year old kid broadsided me while street racing. I know it was soft tissue damage and that is very different than broken bones, but your constant care, and the vigilance of you and your staff is so highly appreciated by me.

I had gone to you for a long time for care, but this car accident was so different because it was so abrupt—here it is 3 years later and I would not be better at all had it not been for you and your staff.

You placed my care first and not what insurance would or would not do…and then after your faithful caring of me and the lousy insurance would only pay you for 12-months of care when you gave me 23 months—how pathetic! You had to lose on that majorily. But you are a professional caring person who thrives on giving the best professional chiropractic care that can be had.

I appreciate you and am glad that you are so delightfully young, and well skilled so you can take care of me for many years to come. Thank you!!! With deep appreciation…

Karen A

Lakewood, CO

I have sent clients, friends and family members plus used their services myself, so what I have to say about their incredible care is based not only on my own experiences, but those who I have referred their practice.

I refer to Dr. Shane as the WOW doctors, because they get results where others only try. They specialize in illness and medical conditions that the normal health practitioner cannot find the answers for. They give hope and encouragement to people who have been told there is nothing we can do.

I love their philosophy of no drugs or surgery, their desire to treat patients who want to take responsibility for their health, and their passion to service them.

Dave B.

Littleton, CO

I had suffered with shoulder discomfort and pain for quite some time. After just several sessions with Dr. Steadman he was able to alleviate the symptoms and also able to show me exercises to strengthen this area. I now visit on an intermittent schedule and am feeling great.

Martha C.

Highlands Ranch, CO

After many months of doctor visits, and drugs, there seemed to be no improvement to my numb foot and leg, which had led to ‘drop foot.’ After a month of visits to Dr. Steadman, I began to see real improvement to my condition, and within a few months I was well on the road to full recovery. Dr. Steadman has even gotten me off allergy medication, which is great, as I have year round allergies. Thank you!

Timothy V.

Denver, CO

Several summers ago, I broke my ankle playing hockey, and also crashed on my dirtbike and received a concussion. Dr. Steadman was able to make adjustments to help move the healing process along. Now I am back competing in the sports that I love.

Hudson C.

Highlands Ranch, CO

I’m 36 years old and have a degree in mechanical engineering. I worked several years and then stayed home to raise our children. My hobby became an at-home career and I ran a successful violin studio and performed locally.

In 2003 I lost the use of my arms. The pain was incredible and I couldn’t lift a coffee mug. After going through the conventional medicine route with only increasing pain, I decided to try chiropractic. I did get immediate relief with my arms, but my injury/issues were more complex than basic chiropractors could comprehend or fix. Sadly the muscle spasms in my back were so great I would stand slightly tilted to my left and could no longer stand upright. Being heavily trained in problem solving (engineer!), I asked many questions and somehow still trusted that chiropractic had an answer for me.

I got referred to a lot of chiropractors over 9 months, but the results were the same, pain and listing, until I landed in a chiropractor neurologists office. Dr. Gail Henry was different. She was checking the functionality of each quadrant of my brain, for both sending and receiving messages. Every section of my nervous system was checked. Her spinal manipulations were completely different than any I’d seen before. After she completed them, she went back and checked my nervous system function again to assure she’d fixed what she intended. She actually checked her work! (Valuable to the engineer in me!)

Standard chiropractors had just popped my back and told me it was fine and when it wasn’t, there was no diagnostic process available to them. Chiropractic neurologists actually have the neurologic training necessary to diagnose and test the changes made to your nervous system through chiropractic.

To me, the blind spot basic DC’s have in this area is huge. What a difference to know what is going on through the adjustment. After my first visit, I was able to stand straight. I could tell it was different. I wish I could say that was all it took, but I had a lot of exercises to do to get my “bum cerebellum” functioning at a level it never had before.

During this process my family moved from Texas to Colorado. I realized my chiropractic care was way more specialized than the average DC could provide. My search lead me to Dr. Shane Steadman in Denver whose training in chiropractic neurology made it possible to understand the details of my care in Texas.

Dr. Steadman truly stands out amongst health practitioners in his humility (i.e. no big doctor’s ego) and his amazing breadth of understanding of other types of health care. His openness and knowledge to other forms of care are a great asset to any patient. Dr. Steadman has had the privilege to study with many great chiropractors and the skill level in his hands is far more advanced than the average DC. Chiropractic is a great science, and chiropractic neurology is ever so more complete, but it does come down to the art and skill in the hands of the individual practitioner.

I have been to 14 chiropractors in 4 different states to date, and can most assuredly verify that Dr. Steadman is outstanding in his field. Incidentally, in my search, I have also been to MD neurologists and the difference in diagnostics to chiropractic neurologists is a huge gap as well.

The chiropractic neurologists did so many more non-invasive checks, the result was a much more complete picture of my CNS in just 20-30 minutes. The MD’s look at function as either “on” or “off” while the chiropractic neurologists are able to differentiate “weakened” or “sub-optimal” performance to identify more subtle issues.

Moreover, the chiropractic neurologist possesses the ability to fix the subtle abnormalities, whereas the MD neurologist is not trained in spinal manipulation or non-invasive techniques for rehabilitation.

Lynn C.

Grand Junction, CO

I have severe scoliosis. Under Dr. Steadman’s care my back discomfort has gone from a 7-8 on the pain/discomfort scale to a 3-4. Some days or parts of days there is no discomfort. Now, I can lead a more ‘normal’ life without as much pain or discomfort.

Dr. Steadman’s knowledge, caring attitude, ability to educate his patients, ability to really listen to people and ‘retrain’ the patient’s body, allow me to refer him to others without any hesitation.

N. Nowak

Englewood, CO

I have a son that has been going to see Dr. Steadman since July 2005. Before we went into the chiropractic office he was having trouble with allergies and asthma. Ben was taking several drugs on a daily bases he was on Zyrtec, Singulair, and Albuterol. While he was taken these drugs he would have awful mode swings, one minute he would be nice but in the next he could be really mean.

As a mom you know that those actions aren’t coming from your kid it was a result of all the different drugs in his body. But your child has to breathe so we figured we would just have to live with these mode swings until a new drug came out to help him.

Until we took him into see Dr. Steadman. He had told us that he could help us, we were a little skeptical about how much he would really be able to help. Ben went in for is first visit 18 months ago and since then he has been free of the Zyrtec and Singulair completely and we only use the Albuterol about once every six to nine months when the environmental allergies cause him to really have trouble breathing or when he gets a chest cold.

Ben has only had to go into see Dr. Steadman a handful of times to get adjustments. Ben knows when it is time he will ask to go to the “popcorn doctor” which is what he calls Dr. Steadman. We keep Ben on a good diet to help with the allergies and to keep his body healthy we also give him some vitamins that help build his immune system, but other than that he is clean of drugs and problems since we started with Dr. Steadman.

Shelia W.

Littleton, CO

Dr Steadman has brought me back from the brink. Over a year ago I had severe Neuropathy in my hands, mid-section and feet. I returned to Dr Steadman because I had gone to him before with great results. This time it was very severe and not only did I have the numbness but I also had major motor loss in my hands.

Due to not only his work on my back but also his referral to a back decompression clinic I now after the year have only slight numbness in my hands and continues to get better. I now have 100% of my motor skills back and my life back.

Dr Steadman as well as all his staff are very kind, caring and fun. The office gives you a place that you can feel confident in your recovery as well as a home away from home feeling. If you have any issue such as mine or just need to get awesome adjustments this office and Dr Steadman is the place you belong.

Thomas H.

Online review

Went to see Dr. Steadman after trying out a couple other functional endocrinologists and being at my witts end with hair falling out, constant shakes, no energy, and moodiness.

First of all, yes, there is frequently a wait in his office – irritating, yes, but the reason behind it is why I chose him. He takes the time to REALLY understand what is going on with you and really cares about fixing the issue. So, he sometimes runs over with clients, as he isn’t just going to dismiss them without a plan of action when the time is up. Yes, I bought the package that included supplements and visits… And I see the reasoning behind it, in that you need to commit to changing what you are currently doing in order to fix your issues.

I’m writing this over a year after I started treatment with Dr. Steadman, and I have to tell you, I have never met a more kind and caring Dr. He has completely changed my life. Not going to lie, there was some frustration at times when I started feeling better and then back-slid, and it has been a long road to recovery. But I am now in the best shape I have been, possibly ever. I do endurance bike rides, I just started triathlons, I dance competitively, have TONS of energy, have dropped weight and look fantastic. His program, honestly, has given me my life back!

Lannette D.

Online review

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