Are you dissatisfied with the care options you’ve been given by one or more health care professionals? Patients often wish they could manage type 2 diabetes differently—without relying exclusively on medications or insulin. It is essential to address blood sugar or insulin problems to protect against potential damage to your health that may be serious. But there are alternative choices when it comes to type 2 diabetes solutions it may be beneficial to explore.

Insulin and other medications may be one solution to your condition, but they do not come without risks. If at all possible, it’s in your best interest to avoid having to rely on any medications to manage your condition, including oral or injectable insulin. At the very least, your health may be at risk if the medication is ever unavailable for any reason, you may experience side effects, and long term health problems may be a potential issue. Insulin may control blood sugar levels, but at least one study has shown that patient who have type 2 diabetes and are treated with insulin may be exposed to greater risk of serious health complications—cancer, stroke, heart attack and eye complications.

Care that improves your health through safe, natural therapeutic support may help you feel better and address your condition in a more comprehensive way. If you have type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, it’s important to recognize that lifestyle choices are likely a significant factor contributing to your condition. More activity, especially the right type of exercise, can make a significant difference in controlling insulin resistance and glucose levels. Obesity increases insulin resistance: losing weight and correcting nutritional imbalances can make a tremendous difference to type 2 diabetics. Lifestyle choices often contribute to type 2 diabetes, and they are a powerful means of regaining health for many people who’ve developed it.

Approaching lifestyle interventions on your own or with limited support or guidance from a health care professional isn’t likely to yield great results. A better choice is to determine exactly what will be most beneficial to your body and your health. A functional neurologist can help with in-depth testing and comprehensive evaluation that fully assesses function throughout your body.

It is possible to identity the root cause of type 2 diabetes with the right approach. Insulin resistance and blood sugar imbalances are not simple matters. Hormone imbalance, food sensitivities or intolerance, issues with immunity or digestive system problems are some of the underlying problems that may be involved in type 2 diabetes. Once the reason(s) for your condition are determined, customized therapeutic support that consists of natural, effective interventions can help restore function and balance. By working with a functional neurologist, it’s likely you can achieve better health, improvements in how you feel and a vast improvement in your quality of life.