Type 2 diabetes is among the top causes of death in the United States, and it’s also associated with devastating complications: limb amputations, blindness, cardio-vascular disease and more. This is why it’s crucial to be aware of and pay attention to the symptoms or signs of diabetes, even if they’re so mild, they’re barely recognizable.

Type 2 diabetes symptoms include:

  • Increased thirst or appetite
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry or itchy skin
  • An increase in frequency of urination
  • Frequent infections
  • Slow-healing wounds or sores

It’s important to seek the care of a medical professional if you notice one or more of these type 2 diabetes symptoms, so you can begin a sound care and support program.

One of the reasons it’s imperative to pay attention to potential signs of type 2 diabetes is that it’s possible you’re pre-diabetic It’s entirely possible to manage your condition through some simple, yet effective dietary and lifestyle modifications. By contrast, the longer a person lives without support for their type 2 diabetes, the more challenging it can be to achieve results in improving health.

The goal for anyone with type 2 diabetes should be long term health and wellness with minimal use of prescription medications. The sooner you seek out and receive comprehensive care, the less advanced your condition is likely to be–and the less medication you’ll need. This is significant because prescription drugs and insulin injections are not the ideal choice for long term care.

Unfortunately, medications have side effects that may have a negative impact on your health, even as they’re used in an effort to help with your condition. Some cause weight gain, or otherwise perpetuate type 2 diabetes in the long run. At the very least, medications are aimed at correcting or alleviating ‘symptoms,’ rather than addressing the root cause of your health condition.

If you’re noticing symptoms or signs of type 2 diabetes, consider a safe, natural approach to improving your health. You can work with a functional neurologist to discover exactly what is going on in your body, related to diabetes or any other dysfunction or imbalance that may be affecting how you feel. Through in-depth testing, detailed analysis of your health, and a careful examination of lifestyle factors that might be impacting your wellness, you can get to the root cause of your condition. It’s then possible to take a safe, effective approach to recover and improve your health, both in the short and long term.

Symptoms of diabetes or even the disease itself shouldn’t be ignored or left unaddressed. It’s entirely possible to understand why you’re in the condition you’re in, and the best ways to improve it. You can then look forward to a lifetime of optimal health.