Concussions are caused by trauma to the head that shakes the brain inside the skull. There are different levels of severity when you have a concussion, and just because you didn’t lose consciousness after the head trauma doesn’t mean that you don’t have concussion. However, no matter the severity, it’s important to seek out the proper care so that you don’t encounter problems in the future.

A traditional practitioner will generally discuss your symptoms with you, and deem you healthy again when your symptoms have subsided. However, did you know that a concussion could cause issues well into the future if they’re not treated properly initially? It’s very important to make sure that the proper steps are taken to rehabilitate the brain after a serious injury.

Brain injuries can cause symptoms like headaches, blurred vision, irregular sleep patterns, heightened emotions or anxiety, and inability to remember or concentrate.
Many of these symptoms can greatly affect your quality of life, especially if they continue well after your initial brain injury. With the proper care and rehabilitation, your symptoms will improve and you’ll begin to feel like yourself again.

A chiropractic neurologist has specialized training in brain function and they have the expertise to help patients fully recover from traumatic brain injuries. They begin with a comprehensive evaluation in order to determine where your brain may be imbalanced. Then they recommend therapies that are designed to restore brain connections and function.

If you sustain a head injury, even if you’re not sure you have a concussion, it’s important to seek out the proper care. You owe it to yourself to start with a thorough brain evaluation so that you make sure that everything is functioning correctly. Working with a chiropractic neurologist will provide you with comprehensive and customized care, and you will be able to measure your progress so that you will truly see results. Protect your health now and for the future!