Picture from Want to be fit on Facebook

Are you going to try a new diet to get skinny fast and fit in that swim suit you want?  If so, you are not alone but your mindset needs to change.  Stop focusing on being skinny and start focusing on being fit and healthy.

Every person has a different body structure and it’s not fair to compare yourself to another person.  Start focusing on getting into shape.  Being skinny is out and being fit is in.

Who wants to be skinny if you don’t have muscular endurance and strength to do things throughout your day.  You should be able to go to work and get home with enough energy to hangout with your family or pets.  You shouldn’t be so tired that you need to rest.

When you are healthy and fit your energy level will increase, you will feel better about yourself.  Getting in shape is a lot of work.  It is hard physically and mentally.  You are going to get tired, discouraged, and want to stop but it is important that you don’t.  Push through the emotions and physical pain and get yourself into the best shape of your life.

The picture above is one of my favorites because it tells you that it takes work to be toned.  It doesn’t happen overnight; you have to remember you didn’t get into the shape you are overnight.  Be patient and persistent and you will achieve your goals.  I highly recommend that you choose an event such as biking or running so you have something to work towards.

Most people like having a goal to achieve and when you do achieve your goals you will feel accomplished.  If you are having a hard time getting motivated or choosing which event is good for you to do

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