Six Workout Personalities

Did you know exercise releases endorphins and decreases your cortisol levels?  Exercise often times can distract you causing you to relax.  Just being able to change the scenery or do something that challenges you will often help.  However, it is important know what your workout type is because if you are a person who likes to relax then you do not want to lift heavy weights and exert a lot of energy because that will stress you out even more.  Steven Edwards, Ph. D. a professor of sports psychology at Oklahoma state university states there are six different workout personalities.  If you exercise according to your personality, the effects will last longer.

  1. The Aesthate– you love everything about sports and exercise.  If this is you then try to learn something new to keep it fun and exercising.
  2. The Thrill Seeker– you get a rush working out.  If this is you, then lift heavier weights and do fewer repetitions.
  3. The Social Activist– you love socializing with people and meeting new friends while exercising.  If this is you then join a group league or organized exercise program.
  4. The Deathophobe– you do it to be healthy but wish it were easier.  Do lighter weight and more repetitions such as 3 sets of 12 reps.
  5. The Fanatic– you like being committed to a routine.  If this is you then split your workout into upper body one day, lower body another day, an cardio another day, and keep your routine.
  6. The Energized Animal– You workout to release energy.  If this is you then workout in the morning, so you will be calmer throughout the day or workout in that evening after working to relieve your stress.


It is important to see a practitioner that understands adrenal function.  Exercise can be a great way to combat stress if your adrenals are good but if you are exercising and still gaining weight then your body is producing too much cortisol so you should get your adrenals checked.  If you know you do have an adrenal problem then you should do light slow exercise.

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