With millions of people suffering from diabetes, it’s easy to assume that every form of care offered for it is going to be safe and effective. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Many patients are prescribed medications that are meant to help them, but in reality they aren’t effective and come with a long list of side effects. How can you avoid this for yourself? The key is to meet with a care provider who offers drug-free care that’s personalized for you. A Denver functional neurologist in particular is someone you can rely on to provide all of this and more.

What to Expect with Functional Neurology Care in Denver

If you’re new to this form of care, then it’s likely you want to know how it works. Some of the biggest advantages and reasons it’s unique from meeting with a traditional physician include:

– Comprehensive Testing

One of the biggest ways care from a functional neurologist stands out is with their approach to testing. Rather than giving you one or two simple diabetes tests (as a traditional physician would), they will instead give you a full panel of exams and tests. While this might seem like a lot, each of these help piece together the mystery of what’s going on with your body. In fact, these tests can help uncover the root cause of the problem so you learn vital information about your health.

– Safe Solutions

Functional neurologists provide drug-free solutions that are based on each patient and their health issues specifically. For instance, some might benefit from hormonal therapy and dietary changes while others may need specific nutrition intake in combination with exercise. They do not use traditional medications that regular care providers do because they are dangerous and generally ineffective for the majority of diabetes sufferers.

– Effective Care

In order to determine how your health is improving, your functional neurologist will continue to meet with you to update test results. While you may already know you’re getting better because of how you feel, these test results will give you a chance to see physical evidence of your health improvements. This is something that traditional care providers just can’t offer and what makes this alternative form of care all that more special.

What’s Going on With Your Body?

Diabetes is a condition that can affect many different parts of your body, which is why it’s so important to take the time to learn more about how it’s impacting you specifically. While a traditional care provider may not help with this, a Denver functional neurologist will. Their purpose is to help their patients improve their overall health rather than simply write prescriptions that only numb the symptoms. With their help finding the right solutions, you’ll be able to avoid the frustration of not understanding what’s going on so you can focus on what you can do to start feeling better.