It may surprise people to learn this, but it is completely possible to reverse your type Type 2 diabetes. This is shocking to people because they are often told by their health care provider that this is a chronic condition that will need to be managed daily for the rest of a person’s life. Since the patient trusts their doctor to give them accurate advice, they often don’t question this fact and accept their diabetes will be with them forever. In actuality, some people are absolutely able to reverse their diabetes entirely, allowing them to live free of the constant worry and the constant stress Type 2 diabetes can bring.

Some people wonder why, if it is possible to reverse diabetes, they have never heard this before. The truth is there is a strong lobby that wants people to continue paying for medication for the rest of their life. They want people to rely on insulin and other drugs for their health. This helps boost their bottom line and boosts the profits for their shareholders. Unfortunately, it does not provide the best health outcomes for patients. While a person should certainly listen to the advice of their primary health care provider, if they want to reverse Type 2 diabetes, they should supplement this approach with another therapy: functional medicine.

Functional medicine seeks to get the body into alignment, helping it correct any issues that may exist within it. While some doctors treat the body in isolation or work to manage symptoms, a functional wellness practitioner seeks to examine the entire body as a single unit. This practitioner believes that total, complete wellness is vital for the best health outcomes, including reversing diabetes. A functional wellness practitioner doesn’t want you to simply live with this disease, they want you to thrive after diabetes has been discovered within the body.

A functional wellness practitioner will thoroughly examine your body and your lifestyle to identify ways in which you may be contributing to your diabetes. They will then develop a personalized therapy plan based around healthy eating, a safe exercise program, and making good health choices. This makes a patient responsible for their health and makes then an active participant in their diabetes care. Instead of simply sitting back and hoping the insulin takes care of you, a functional wellness practitioner will give you the tools and information necessary to take control of and reverse your diabetes.

If you are tired of the constant worry and stress Type 2 diabetes can bring, work to reverse it with a functional wellness practitioner. By living healthy overall and making the right choices that help mitigate your diabetes, it is entirely possible for the body to begin healing itself and possible for your diabetes to disappear. It is not easy, but with the work, it is completely possible. To learn more about how functional medicine can help rid your body of body of diabetes once and for all, contact a functional wellness practitioner right away!