Have you been seeking an alternative choice for effective care for type 2 diabetes? Many people who have this disease wish there was something more that could be done to manage their health—something other than taking medications. Functional neurology offers just such an option. When you work with a functional neurologist, you’ll benefit from care that is designed to improve your health through safe, natural therapeutic support.

Type 2 diabetes isn’t a simple disease with an easy solution, but it also isn’t as mysterious as it may seem. It doesn’t appear out of nowhere. If you are pre-diabetic or have type 2 diabetes, the most likely cause is lifestyle choices and nutritional imbalances. Difficulty regulating blood sugar doesn’t happen overnight, and neither does insulin resistance. While it may be true that medications can help you quickly gain control of the situation, medicine really doesn’t address the underlying problems that led to the development of the disease. Improving your health is extremely important if you have diabetes, because poorly managed health is most likely what led to the problem in the first place.

It isn’t always easy to make the changes that can bring about the most significant improvement in health. Yet it’s worth considering, there really is no other good option. Taking insulin or other medications may help you manage diabetes in the short term, but this is not an ideal solution, or one without risks, especially in the long run. Insulin is linked to cellular aging, and over-reliance on medication may actually contribute to the development of the complications associated with type 2 diabetes—the ones diabetics most want to avoid. There’s a lot more that can be done to manage this condition through safe, natural care.

Functional neurology focuses on finding the root cause of chronic health problems and diseases such as type 2 diabetes. In-depth testing, a comprehensive review of the patient’s history, and a full assessment of current symptoms can reveal the reasons why insulin resistance is occurring and why blood glucose levels are out of control. Once the underlying reasons for the dysfunction are known, it’s possible to restore balance through natural care. When lifestyle interventions and nutritional support are customized, they tend to be very effective. This is especially true when the patient receives all of the support and education needed to make necessary changes.   

A functional neurologist will evaluate and address you as a whole, and go beyond symptom management to help you achieve measurable improvements in your health. Functional neurology offers long term solutions, not quick fixes. With the right support, your condition can improve, and you can look and feel your best as you take charge of your health and learn to manage it in safe, natural ways.