There is no doubt that kids’ brain injuries are cause for great concern, and anyone who is involved with children should know they must be taken seriously. Most of the time kids’ head injuries are minor and full recovery is swift. But concussions can also be extremely dangerous. Parents, teachers, coaches and kids themselves should know that head injury can result in brain damage and involve complications that may even be deadly.

Anyone who suffers a head injury should be carefully monitored following the trauma for a minimum of 48 hours. Nausea, blurred vision or pupil dilation in one eye, dizziness or slurred speech, weakness and extreme fatigue are a few signs to watch for.

Beyond prompt, appropriate medical care at the time of the head injury and careful monitoring afterward, kids may need ongoing support for concussion recovery. Recent research published in the International Journal of Psychophysiology found that pre-adolescents who suffered sports-related concussions demonstrated impaired brain function for up to two years after their injuries1. The younger the child was at the time of the head injury, the worse the impairment. This is extremely disturbing news that underscores the vital need for expert pediatric concussion help.

A function neurologist can provide the type of care that may help a child recover as fully and as swiftly as possible following a concussion. This is beyond or in addition to the type of emergency care or evaluation a child may receive.

Functional neurology involves in-depth testing and comprehensive evaluation that can pinpoint exactly how the brain is functioning in conjunction with the body. Any areas of dysfunction or imbalance can be identified and then addressed through customized therapeutic support. Each child’s rehabilitation is customized, so the chances for a full recovery from traumatic brain injury are maximized. Therapy is carefully planned and monitored, and results are measurable.

Functional neurology does not utilize drug therapy in caring for individuals. You won’t be given any type of prescription; all therapeutic support is natural. There are no side-effects or potential health risks involved in the pediatric concussion care a functional neurologist provides.

The type of sustained changes in brain function that current research suggests may result from childhood concussion don’t have to be a sentence. Functional neurology is an alternative type of health care that may help improve cognitive function and brain health after a head injury. If you’re concerned about your own or a child’s risk for functional impairment due to a childhood concussion, seek out the support of a functional neurologist. It’s likely there is much that can be done to facilitate recovery.