Healing the brain after a concussion requires attention, dedication, and commitment to the process. It also requires the help of a trained professional who understands the importance of aftercare and doing it right. Functional neurologists, in particular, are examples of care providers who offer this type of experience. Their use of natural therapies and deep understanding of the brain makes them ideal candidates for help with recovery after a brain injury.

While the therapies that are suitable for you will depend on your injury, you may have questions about the details. To become more familiar with how functional neurologists work, take a look at the information below.

Moving Away From Medications

When it comes to dealing with a concussion, medications don’t actually promote healing. While they may mitigate side effects for some, they will not resolve the issue at hand. It’s for this reason that functional neurologists use a natural approach to helping their patients. This excludes prescription drugs and instead focuses on brain-based therapies that work to encourage healing within the brain. While complex, this tends to be an effective way of reigniting areas of the brain that were damaged during the injury.

Finding Your Ideal Therapy

In order to take advantage of the brain-based therapies that functional neurologists provide, you must first have thorough testing done. This will help them pinpoint areas of the brain that were damaged so they can effectively be addressed. While testing may be more than you’re used to, it’s an important step to recovery. Without this, it’s impossible for your care provider to know which natural therapies are suitable for your concussion.

Walking Through Therapy With Your Care Provider

Natural brain-based therapies target areas that were impacted by the concussion in order to promote new connections in the brain to form. As you begin therapy, your functional neurologist will walk you through the process and explain the importance of each step. Their dedication to patient education will ensure you’re able to play a key role in your recovery as you progress through each stage. It will also ensure you’re aware of your goals and understand the importance of each exercise in terms of your recovery.

When using natural therapies for concussions, it’s important to understand nothing will change overnight. Whether you’re using programs to help re-engage your memory or vision rehabilitation to stabilize your sight, your brain will heal at its own pace. However, by staying dedicated to the therapy plan with regular appointments, you will be doing what’s necessary to stimulate your brain and help it properly heal.

Looking at Concussion Rehabilitation in a New Light

While it’s crucial to rest after a concussion, aftercare is something that must never be ignored. By meeting with a functional neurologist you will take the steps to recover the right way. Their natural therapies and dedication to helping patients overcome their difficulties can make all the difference with how you feel in the future.