Did you know that over 28 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches? Also they are three times more likely to plague women than men. Migraines are not a normal headache. Migraines are typically excruciating and often debilitating. They can incapacitate someone for hours, sometimes even days. Sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and vomiting and light headedness are all common symptoms that you may experience with a migraine.

Unfortunately the causes of migraine headaches are unknown and typically it differs for every person. Migraines are usually treated with over the counter medications, and sometimes prescription medication for severe sufferers. But a lot of these medications can create undesirable side effects. If you suffer from migraines and would rather not rely on medication, then read on because there’s another option available to you.

Many migraine sufferers have been finding success in reducing and even alleviating their headaches through chiropractic care. A chiropractic neurologist specializes in brain-based therapies. This specialist may be able to help determine the root cause of your condition and then create an action plan centered around diet and nutrition, physical exercise, spinal adjustments and other therapies designed to help you alleviate your headaches without the use of medication.

This type of care is very different than what you may have received in the past because it focuses on the entire picture of your health and not just on treating your symptoms. Your chiropractor will run a series of tests including blood and saliva as well as neurological testing to gather as much information about your condition as possible.  By combining knowledge from the practices of functional neurology, endocrinology, and immunology this expert is able to analyze your test results and create a care plan that is thorough and unique to your situation. This is how they are able to achieve results for patients who may not have had success before. This also results in an overall improvement in not only your headaches, but also your entire health and wellbeing.

Patients love the fact that this type of care is personalized to them, it is more comprehensive and thorough than they’ve experienced in the past, and it actually achieves measurable results that helps them feel better with out the side effects of medications.

If you’ve ever suffered from a migraine, you know how debilitating they can be. Why not explore the possibility of a better way to alleviate your headaches and not have to spend another day in bed in the dark again!