If you suffer from migraine headaches you should consider finding migraine help in Denver, Colorado by going to a chiropractic neurologist. This can help you cope with your problem, reducing both the intensity and frequency of your migraine headaches. This holistic approach can be integrated into other medical services you may be receiving for your problem.

Migraines are one the most common type of severe headache. Migraines affect more than thirty-seven million Americans each year, according to the National Headache Foundation. Women are three times more likely to be affected by recurring migraines than men and migraines also seem to run in families. We do know migraines are formed when brain vessels over-dilate and the nerves in and surrounding these vessels become inflamed or irritated.

The intense pain associated with a migraine is often concentrated on one side of the head and this side may change with subsequent migraines. Many people who suffer from intense migraines experience an “aura” before they develop a migraine headache. The aura is some type of unusual sensory perception such as seeing bright spots, blind spots, or flickering lights.


A migraine sufferer may also experience difficulty speaking coherently or numbness and tingling just before developing a migraine. In cases where these forewarnings are present, a chiropractic neurologist can be very helpful by teaching the migraine sufferer techniques that they can perform immediately on themselves when they experience these forewarnings that will help reduce the pain and sometimes even prevent a full-fledged migraine from developing.


Chiropractors can also teach techniques that will help the migraine sufferer find relief from the headache more quickly if it does develop. This is important because a bad migraine can last for many hours even if the person lies quietly in a dark room. Some migraines can become so bad; in fact, they last for days and can be completely debilitating.

Weekly or bi-weekly chiropractic therapy sessions have also been successful in helping individuals to reduce their migraines. These sessions can also help a migraine sufferer when they experience harsher bouts of migraines triggered by stresses at work or other life stresses. Spinal manipulation has been shown to significantly reduce most forms of recurring headaches including migraines. Moreover, chiropractic support does not have the side effects that prescription medications so often carry.

A misaligned spine can initiate some migraines. Therefore, some migraine sufferers may find relief from their migraines by simply undergoing a spine adjustment. Even if this doesn’t directly help a migraine sufferer, it will certainly help lower the physical stresses in their body, which can indirectly reduce the symptoms of migraines.

A chiropractor is also well versed in teaching ergonomic techniques such as sitting posture and standing posture that can alleviate stress in the body and thus reduce migraine headache frequency. Relaxation techniques can also be integrated into this approach for an even higher success rate.

If you or a loved one suffers from persistent migraines, you would be well served to check into the migraine support a chiropractic neurologist can provide. Migraine help in Denver is just a phone call away.