Light and sound sensitivities are common following migraines, post concussion injuries, traumatic brain injuries and strokes. They’re typically a result of dysfunction to the cerebellum, frontal lobe or a result of inflammation or infection.

Light and sound sensitivity seem like strange symptoms. You can’t be around loud noises or they’ll set you off, or headaches start with flashes of bright light. Why? How does this happen? The brain is a fantastic organism. It has hundreds of thousands connections that either activate or inhibit the next neuron down the line to create the desired output. The midbrain is where the two areas that deal with light and sound live, and they’re both constantly receiving information from our environment.

About the Condition

Neurological Connections

The brain is constantly receiving information from the world around us, processing light and sound in to useful information. Our brains take these signals and determine whether our surroundings are a threat to our survival. When it comes to light and sound sensitivity, the signals are not being inhibited by the ganglia and the cerebellum. This causes the brain to react in an “irrational” way, resulting in an overload of information and activating pain centers.

Symptoms of Light & Sounds Sensitivity

Light and sound sensitivity offer occur following another condition, such as whiplash, concussion or stroke. Usually, patients experience piercing headaches, constant squinting at any light, discomfort following loud noises and being easily startled by noises. If someone experiences a headache after having excessive light in their eye, then the midbrain itself is the unstable region. If movement or standing up creates a headache, it’s often the cerebellum. Both areas of the brain can cause light and sound sensitivities.


Once we review a full case history with a patient, we are able to determine most of what is causing the sensitivities. Then, we help to zone in and identify the exact areas of the brain that are unstable and causing your problems. Once identified, we are able to effectively rehabilitate these regions which help to improve your quality of life, decrease your symptoms and get back to living the life you were meant to live. Our team at Integrated Health Systems can help assist you with your light and sound sensitivity.


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