Diabetes is a complicated disease and there is often a lot of confusion for patients about how to properly manage their condition. Patients are often told that medication, diet and exercise are their only treatment options, yet they are not properly guided on what type of diet is best for them or what sort of fitness program would most benefit them. This leaves many patients frustrated, confused and overwhelmed. When patients feel this way they may not make the best decisions regarding their healthcare.

Nutrition is very important when you are trying to manage diabetes. However, did you know that food sensitivities can actually cause inflammation in your system and make your diabetes worse? You could actually be following your diabetes diet, but if you’re sensitive to those types of foods, you will feel worse. It’s very important to understand what triggers your blood sugar issues.

Fitness is another key component in effectively managing your diabetes. Did you know that exercising needs to be done correctly and at the right intensity otherwise you may encounter joint problems? Exercise done properly can actually help reduce inflammation in your body. It’s critical to have the right guidance when it comes to fitness so that you don’t injure yourself.

So where can you find the right care for your diabetes? A practitioner with training in functional wellness has specialized training in helping patients with diabetes. They offer comprehensive and customized care that is designed to help patients determine their specific imbalances and correct them naturally.

They begin with thorough testing that helps them identify the root cause of your diabetes. This gives them a picture of how your body is functioning as a whole. They understand that if one body system is failing, it affects them all. Did you know that your liver, adrenal, and thyroid function can all contribute to your diabetes?

Once the underlying causes of your diabetes are determined, they will create a customized care plan that is based on your specific needs and test results. This is the most effective way to achieve long-term results in controlling, and in some cases reversing your diabetes.