Why do we lose the weight, feel better about ourselves, and then “fall off the band-wagon” and gain it all back? We know that bag of chips or pint of ice cream will be immediately followed by a stomach-ache and guilty conscience, so why do we continually sabotage ourselves? The key to lasting weight loss is setting realistic goals, avoiding triggers, and focusing on lifestyle changes rather than short-term diets. Follow these 3 easy steps to help get you started:

1. NEVER Go To The Grocery Store Hungry!

  • Waiting too long between meals and snacks can cause blood sugar levels to “crash,” leaving us tired and hungry. This crash is followed by cravings for sugary, carb-rich foods, which our bodies know will provide quick energy. Going to the store hungry makes it harder to resist walking past the cookie aisle. Curb the carb cravings with a pre-grocery trip snack that combines a complex carbohydrate with a health fat or protein. Try an apple and handful of nuts, baby carrots with guacamole, or a rice cake with almond butter and sliced banana!

2. Remember The Old Saying: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

  • If you stock your fridge and cabinets with healthy food, you won’t be tempted to reach for high-calorie junk food. Stock up on lots of fresh, whole foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and quality meats so you always have healthy choices on hand. Try making your own vegetable chips in the oven or dehydrator, and keep chopped raw vegetables handy for a crunchy snack!

3. Pick Goals You Can Stick With!

  • As tempting as it is to try another crash-diet promising rapid weight loss, these restrictive plans tend to backfire. Diets that severely restrict food and calories often lead to binging and overeating once the diet is finished, and may leave you heavier than you were before you started. Focus on lifestyle changes to build habits you can stick with. Adding more vegetables, cutting out packaged and processed foods, and eliminating added sugars are great first steps!

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