Aftercare is an important part of handling a concussion the right way. However, this doesn’t mean to only rest for an extended amount of time like most people think it does. While this is important, it’s crucial to continue care with a professional who utilizes an integrated approach. Functional neurologists, in particular, gladly use this because they understand the importance of well-rounded care for concussion patients. The information below can help you learn more about what’s involved with this approach.

Looking at the Whole Body

Functional neurologists don’t only focus on your symptoms when you work with them to address a concussion. They look beyond these in order to determine how the brain was impacted during the injury. This is why in-depth testing is part of their care for each and every patient. This includes tests that look for deficiencies, imbalances, deficits, and other conditions within the body. In addition to this, brain testing, also known as neurofeedback, is used to identify areas of the brain that may have become disconnected after the injury.

By utilizing both functional neurology and functional medicine in an integrated approach, these care providers are able to get a better view of what’s going inside the body and brain. Once they do this, their priority is to address each individual issue in order to heal the body and restore function with the brain to body connection. This can help minimize symptoms, improve health, and even improve functionality over time.

Benefits of an Integrated Approach

There are many advantages of working with a professional who utilizes an integrated approach to caring for patients. Some of the most notable benefits include:

– Catching Important Issues

If you’re not working with a professional who looks at both the brain and body in order to address your concussion, many issues can go unaddressed. Unfortunately, this can leave you with symptoms that continue to worsen over time. With something like a concussion, it’s important to be thorough and make sure even the smallest health problem is found.

– Learning About Your Body

Once you have testing done, you’ll learn more about why you’ve felt the way you do and what impact your concussion has had on your body. From there, you can work closely with your functional neurologist to make improvements that genuinely make a difference with the way you feel.

Experience an Integrated Approach for Yourself

By working with a functional neurologist in Denver, you’ll experience how thorough, effective, and beneficial an integrated approach can be. You’ll also experience what it’s like to work with a care provider who truly wants to see you feel better. This can open the doors to new solutions and that can eventually help improve your health and overall well-being. Whether your concussion happened recently or it’s an older injury, it’s never too late to see what you can do to help your brain heal.