We take a unique approach with our patients by focusing on the interactions between the metabolic, immune and nervous systems.
Because of our focus and expertise in these three areas (metabolic, neurology and immune) we are able to provide our clients with the most comprehensive functional medicine services in Colorado.

We truly are a category of one in that we are one of the very rare places in the world that actually looks at all aspects of health. We look at the brain-body connection and the way it affects you and your overall function and wellness. We provide evidenced based results you can measure.

We also have a very unique process that we go through to determine your condition and determine if you’re a candidate for our care. If you’re a good candidate for our office, we will work with you to develop an action plan to help you obtain your health and wellness goals (see becoming a patient for more details).

We focus on each and every one of our patients’ overall physiological and neurological function.
The reason is simple…understanding how your brain controls your body’s function and how your body impacts your brain is essential to your care! Working this way allows us to diagnose and work with a very comprehensive list of conditions and develop the most effective customized plan for you.

The metabolic system impacts many areas of the body. Imbalances such as abnormal blood sugar, abnormal adrenal function or low iron can affect how the brain works as well as many other systems.

The brain is in control of every cell, tissue, gland, and organ within the human body. If the brain is in a state of insufficiency, the areas of the body associated with that deficit will be dysfunctional (i.e. digestion, breathing, metabolism, movement, etc.)

So, when you have a health condition such as a hormone imbalances…we locate the issue in the body and see how it is tied to the brain and your overall function.

We do this via our comprehensive examination and evaluation which includes:

    • Orthopedic Testing
    • Motor Coordination Assessment
    • Sensory Testing
    • Physiologic Blind-spot Mapping
    • Optokinetic Analysis
    • Oxygen Saturation Monitoring
    • Balance / Vestibular Testing
    • Additional testing (if necessary) MRI, CT, NCV/EMG, VNG, antibodies, etc.
    • Lab testing (i.e. blood work, food allergies, stool testing)


Request your FREE consultation and get answers and solutions you’ve been looking for to help tough and challenging health issues. Not everyone who contacts our office becomes our patient—you do have to be qualified by one of our doctors to be seen in our office…meaning you must have the criteria necessary for care. The first step in this process is to book your FREE consultation with our office. During this consultation we will determine if you are a good candidate for our office. Click the button below to get started…

After seeing several chiropractors, I finally found one who cared about my constant soreness. Dr. Shane Steadman. fixed all my aches and pains and I’ve stayed in alignment for over a year now.

They took the time to listen to my concerns and truly wanted to help me. They are friendly, warm and caring people. I am so thankful, I found them.

A. Dawson

Denver, CO

Listen as Dr. Shane Steadman gives a brief overview about how Integrated Health Systems takes a unique approach with patients…

We also work with patients by understanding the brain-body connection.

This is a key area that makes Integrated Health Systems different from others and makes us one of the most cutting-edge and comprehensive clinics in Denver and Colorado!

Many other clinics, doctors and practitioners CANNOT do this service, or simply do not offer it to patients because they don’t want to. We perform a lot of neurological rehabilitation for people with neurological conditions such as: Strokes, Stroke Rehab, Movement Disorders, Vertigo, Seizures and childhood disorders like Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s and more (see conditions we’ve helped for more information).

Our brain rehabilitation is done by improving brain function through exercises conducted with our team in office. When you become a patient in our practice, we will actually set up a rehab schedule with you for brain based rehab and therapy.

I have hashimoto’s and suffered with increased fatigue and tired feelings to the point where my work and person life was affected. Also suffered from “brain fog” and headaches.

I have much better and consistent energy now. My head is much clearer and sharper. I like that IHS works to treat the root causes rather than symptoms. IHS started with a comprehensive blood test program, then we worked to support my immune system, remove possible antigens and toxins from my diet and support my physiological systems that were not functioning optimally.

The IHS therapies also have been great to work with, giving me brain-based exercises to restore communication between the brain and thyroid.

Brett B.

Aurora, CO

We locate the problem in the body and then fine tune the function in the brain to bring the connection back together. The result is long-term solutions to complex and difficult cases. Book a free consultation today to see if you qualify for care in our office…