Finding out you have type 2 diabetes or the condition known as pre-diabetes is a frightening experience for most people. They wonder if it’s too late to make changes, or if they’re doomed to a lifetime of more and more medications, worsening health, and ever increasing risk of serious complications they want to avoid. Type 2 diabetes is serious, but in nearly every case, there is much that can be done to manage the condition through care that is effective and natural. Really, learning you have diabetes shouldn’t feel like a death sentence. Instead, consider it a wake-up call—a time to take action so you can be well and stay as healthy and fit as you possibly can long term.

If you’re ready to take charge of your health, consider working with a functional neurologist. It’s a fact that lifestyle factors have a tremendous impact on blood sugar and insulin levels. Functional neurology takes advantage of every opportunity to help you control and manage your condition through natural therapeutic support, including customized lifestyle interventions. If you’re not on medication yet, it may be possible to avoid it with the right care plan. It’s also possible to minimize your reliance on medication you may already be taking.

Functional neurologists provide care that is quite different from what you’ve likely encountered with practitioners who work within standard Western medicine. To start, functional neurology is a holistic approach, meaning it considers the patient as a whole. Instead of focusing on one or two aspects of health, such as regulating blood glucose levels, the goal is to help you achieve wellness. This is achieved by finding and addressing the root cause of your condition, so you can recover your best health.

A practitioner who is trained in functional neurology starts working with a patient by performing a comprehensive examination. This includes in-depth testing to understand everything that is involved in or being affected by the patient’s condition. Nothing happens in the body in isolation. It is impossible to fully understand why insulin resistance and blood sugar fluctuations are occurring without digging deep and considering everything that may be involved, from diet and lifestyle factors to hormone health, immune system function and much more.

When you work with a functional neurologist, you will find out why you have type 2 diabetes. You’ll learn what will help you recover and achieve optimal wellness, and how to go about making necessary changes. You’ll also receive all of the education and support you need to start achieving your health goals. Ultimately, you’ll be empowered to manage your condition and your health independently. You won’t just achieve a weight loss or develop better exercise habits. You’ll develop a lifestyle that supports your best health and be prepared to sustain it long term.