I want to pause a moment to thank you and your fine staff for your incredible care for me after my car accident (Jan 2004), when that 19 year old kid broadsided me while street racing. I know it was soft tissue damage and that is very different than broken bones, but your constant care, and the vigilance of you and your staff is so highly appreciated by me.

I had gone to you for a long time for care, but this car accident was so different because it was so abrupt—here it is 3 years later and I would not be better at all had it not been for you and your staff.

You placed my care first and not what insurance would or would not do…and then after your faithful caring of me and the lousy insurance would only pay you for 12-months of care when you gave me 23 months—how pathetic! You had to lose on that majorily. But you are a professional caring person who thrives on giving the best professional chiropractic care that can be had. 

I appreciate you and am glad that you are so delightfully young, and well skilled so you can take care of me for many years to come. Thank you!!! With deep appreciation…

Karen Ann Allard
Lakewood, Colorado