IHS patient Joni has shared her story with us as well.

Initial Complaints and Symptoms:

Brain fog, depression, aching joints, fatigue (sleeping up to 16 hours a day), low energy, anxiety

How do you feel now?

Significantly better. Brain fog greatly decreased, aching joints less, nearly off all medications for anxiety, depression and ADHD. Still working towards completing wholeness while recognizing that I will have good and bad days.

 What process did you go through in this office to improve your health?

Elimination diet and several supplements added to my life; Epstein-Barr Homeopathic treatment, still waiting for results on hormone test. Also, brain based therapy. Also completed blood work to base all treatment off- I truly appreciated that and the honest, comprehensive interpretation of data received as I am exhausted from the “let’s try this medication” style of medical practice.