When seeking help in Denver for a concussion, many assume that their regular care provider is the one who can help them out. While these professionals may be the right choices for a broken bone or illness that needs healed, a functional neurologist is a great choice for concussion care. This is because they have extensive training with the brain and body, and utilize comprehensive testing that most regular care providers don’t offer. Their goal is to uncover damaged areas in your brain so that they can utilize the best type of therapy to rehabilitate them.

Why is concussion care important?

Concussions are incredibly common these days, whether they are caused from car accidents, sports injuries, trip and falls or any other blow to the head. Some people will suffer from multiple of these injuries in their lives, but never receive the comprehensive care that they need. What’s important to know is that when a concussion occurs, damage is done to the brain right away, and that continues to deteriorate its connections over time. So, while you might not notice anything wrong right after you have a concussion, you may notice in a few years that you aren’t as coordinated as you once were, for no apparent reason. Unfortunately that deterioration can continue as you get older, and that can leave you wondering why you just can’t function as well as you once did.

A functional neurologist is going to be able to tell you what damage has occurred, and that’s because they offer extensive testing that you won’t find anywhere else in Denver. When you go in for your appointment that testing will be the first thing that you do, because they need specific information and facts about your body in order to help you. This is probably something you’ve never experienced before, but it’s crucial in the healing process. Once they have the information for you individually, they can begin to prepare a rehabilitation plan. This plan will include therapies that are designed to restore functionality to those areas of your brain that were injured.

What is rehabilitation like?

Healing from the therapy that you undergo does not happen overnight, so it’s important to go into this form of care with an open mind and commitment towards better health. You won’t be going through things alone though, as your entire team of Denver rehabilitation practitioners will be there to help you every step of the way. They’ll utilize detailed science and testing to see how you’re progressing, and monitor which new connections are being made in the brain.

What’s truly unique about working with a functional neurologist in Denver, other than their comprehensive care, is that they don’t use guesswork. Everything they do is evidence-based because they want to offer you the most effective form of healing possible. That way instead of being ignored when you ask how they know if you’re getting better, they’ll be able to show you proof.