Diabetes is often challenging to diagnose because the symptoms can often be attributed to other health conditions, if there are even symptoms at all. Did you know that it’s estimated that 7 million people don’t even know that they have diabetes? It’s important that diabetes is properly diagnosed because of the other health concerns that it can cause.

Finding the right help for your diabetes can be challenging. Traditional medicine doesn’t offer many options to patients other than medication, and unfortunately, diabetes medication can cause many unwanted side effects that often leave patients feeling worse than their disease does. Many patients are turning to functional neurology for answers.

Functional neurologists are trained to treat the body as a whole operating system. They do this by determining the root cause of your diabetes through comprehensive testing. This can include a complete blood chemistry panel, saliva samples and urine testing. By treating the root cause rather than just symptoms, you have a better chance at successfully managing your diabetes and even possibly reversing it.

These practitioners believe in educating their patients about their diabetes in order to give them the tools necessary to manage their conditions without relying solely on doctors. Their goal is for you to become independently healthy! They will also coach and mentor you throughout the recovery process. They become your partner and advocate in better health.

If you’ve suffered from diabetes for a long time and you’re tired of not ever feeling any better, or perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, a functional neurologist can really help you navigate the proper diet and fitness plan that will most benefit you. They will help you find the answers behind what’s causing your condition as well as provide you with solutions that will help you feel better and control your diabetes long-term.