It is estimated that currently around 26 million Americans suffer from diabetes. 90% of theses people have type 2 diabetes. However, an even more frightening statistic is that around 80 million adults age 20 or older have pre-diabetes.

Pre-diabetes is when your glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough yet to indicate diabetes. People with pre-diabetes are at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes as well as the serious medical problems associated with diabetes, including heart disease and stroke. Did you know that with pre-diabetes, you are at a 50% higher risk of heart disease and stroke than someone who does not have pre-diabetes?

It’s frightening to think that so many Americans are rapidly heading towards diabetes and all of the other health concerns associated with it. There are often no symptoms with pre-diabetes so it’s very easy to mistake it for some other health condition. However, there is good news here. Because pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes are largely caused by nutrition and lifestyle, there is a lot of opportunity to make changes necessary to reverse these conditions.

Did you know that there are practitioners out there who specialize in helping patients manage pre-diabetes, diabetes and other unresolved blood sugar issues? Practitioners with training in functional wellness begin by helping patients determine exactly what’s causing their blood sugar issues. Believe it or not, underlying causes are actually different for every patient.

These practitioners start with comprehensive evaluation and thorough testing. Because they are evaluating your body as an entire operating system, they want to gather all of the information needed to see the complete picture of your health. Unfortunately, a simple blood test to measure glucose levels is not enough to check all of your body systems. A functional wellness practitioner will typically run a complete blood chemistry panel, as well as administering saliva, urinary and stool testing.

Once the root cause of your blood sugar issues is determined, they can recommend the appropriate therapies and lifestyle changes that will benefit your individual condition and your specific needs as a patient. The really good news is that the care they offer is safe, effective and drug-free.

When you are ready to take charge of your own health and well being, you’re ready to find a functional wellness practitioner to work with.