A migraine specialist offers holistic care and therapy to help and support people who experience migraines. Traditional approaches to migraines may result in unintended side effects and they also tend to disregard the underlying causes. Whereas chiropractic care targets the source of the problem and provides relief from symptoms and pain associated with migraines. Chiropractors are able to achieve this by employing safe and effective techniques to improve the patient’s overall health and wellness.

People experience migraines at different times and of different severities. What triggers a migraine also varies from person to person. Migraine specialists take into consideration individual factors to provide individualized therapy that caters to a particular person and their needs. That’s one of the things that sets chiropractic care apart from other types of therapy.

At a migraine clinic, the cause of your migraine will be addressed in order to provide the appropriate therapy and support that works for you. In particular, chiropractic care focuses on the relationship between the body and brain, which is based on a control and feedback system. Any interference to this relationship will have an impact on your health. That’s why a migraine specialist will locate your symptoms and connect it to the brain to determine the cause of your migraine. Not only do they pay attention to the symptoms you experience, they also look at the core, underlying problem. That way your pain is assessed functionally to enable precise and targeted therapy.

At the same time, the nervous, immune and endocrine systems are assessed to establish their relationship to your symptoms and the brain. This is a key part of what makes the care offered by migraine specialists different – the integration of neurology, immunology, and endocrinology with physical chiropractic care. This is a valuable approach because we all know that our bodies are complex. As such, any imbalances need to be fully addressed to provide therapy that is comprehensive and will really help with your migraine.

As well as an assessment of your symptoms and underlying problem, you will undergo a few exams and tests. These include a neurological, orthopedic and physical exam, which are conducted using state-of-the-art technology to get an accurate and comprehensive evaluation of your condition. These exams will used to help identify the specific areas of your body that require therapy.

Other tests are also conducted will help determine your individualized therapy plan. Your senses, muscle tone, and reflexes will be tested. Your blood pressure and oxygen intake will be monitored as well. Collectively, these tests will allow migraine specialists to make informed decisions about the direction and type of therapy that you need to help with your condition.

Chiropractic care is a holistic form of therapy, and specialized chiropractors will take time to examine and evaluate the results of the tests in order to fully assess your condition. That way, migraine specialists are able to consider all aspects of your health to determine the best therapy that will give you results in the shortest length of time. A migraine specialist will also discuss your condition and therapy plan with you to ensure that all of your concerns are addressed and to give you the support you need.