Diabetes support that can make a significant difference in your health and how you feel long term is about more than most people imagine. If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, you’re likely concerned about avoiding the very serious complications that can arise when these conditions aren’t properly managed. There seems to be a dire need to turn things around, and there is. But the solution isn’t just a matter of controlling blood sugar and insulin levels through a few dietary changes and some medication. What’s needed is care and support that goes beyond trying to control symptoms.

Long Term Goals

It’s extremely important for diabetics to get blood sugar levels and insulin under control. Perhaps you’re already taking one or more medications to achieve this goal. Yet beyond this immediate need, what long term goals do you have for your care? When you work with a functional neurologist, you can develop and achieve goals such as minimal to no reliance on medication, measurable improvements in your health, and optimal wellness for a lifetime. When these goals are a part of your care plan, they become achievable. But as long as care is focused primarily on regulating blood sugar and insulin and little else, the best you may be hoping for is avoiding the worst case scenarios diabetes complications can involve.

Personalized Support

Personalized support can help you achieve optimal health and wellness. This means you receive the education and tools you need to succeed with therapies or interventions that will be of most benefit to you. Functional neurologists work in partnership with patients, and working together, customized plans are implemented successfully. This is much different than receiving recommendations on diet or exercise from a doctor. It’s about learning what you must do, why you must do it, and how to go about it so you feel your best and maximize your quality of life. When your care is truly focused on helping you achieve specific goals, changes that once seemed nearly impossible become quite doable.

Comprehensive Care

Type 2 diabetes is not a simple matter, but a complex one that requires comprehensive care. Maybe you already have a medication plan and a diet plan; you might even have an exercise plan and a plan for stress reduction, too. But do all of these pieces fit together in a comprehensive way that you can manage? The best care plan for diabetics addresses all of the many different facets this condition may involve—hormone imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, autoimmune issues, dietary sensitivities, exposure to environmental toxins, poor sleep habits and more.

Functional neurologists rely on in-depth analysis and assessment of each patient’s condition. Once the dysfunctions and imbalances that are involved in your blood sugar and insulin problems are identified, a comprehensive plan of care can be developed. Then, working in partnership with your practitioner, you can begin to implement your customized plan of care. You can expect to achieve measurable results through therapeutic support that is safe, gentle, and natural. You’ll learn to manage your condition in the short term and keep yourself as healthy as possible long term, too.