Diabetes can sometimes be tricky to diagnose. This is because there are often no symptoms, or the symptoms that do appear can be attributed to other health issues. Some of the signs indicating diabetes to be aware of are: fatigue, frequent urination, excessive thirst, tingling or numbness in extremities, blurred vision, cuts or sores that take a long time to heal, and dry or itchy skin. If you experience one or more of these symptoms, it’s important to consult a health care provider because diabetes that is left unmanaged can lead to even more serious health concerns.

The big fear is the severe health problems that type 2 diabetes is associated with. Type 2 diabetes can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney failure, blindness and even amputation. However, the good news is that with the right care and guidance, type 2 diabetes can be effectively controlled, and you can essentially reclaim your life. This does not mean that you can return to your pre-diabetic lifestyle. You will have to remain committed to your wellness program to maintain your good health, but you won’t have to feel as if diabetes controls your life.

So, how do you select the right care for not only your diabetes, but also your overall health and well-being? A great place to start is with functional wellness. Functional neurology is the study of “why”. Why do you have type 2 diabetes in the first place? This is where your functional neurologist begins, and they determine the root cause of your condition with thorough lab testing.

Comprehensive laboratory tests include much more than the standard glucose test you may have been used to in the past. It typically includes but is not limited to a complete blood chemistry panel, as well as saliva, stool and urine testing. Your functional wellness provider is looking for the complete picture of your health in order to determine where imbalances are occurring. This gives them the map of how to correct those imbalances and get you back on the road to recovery.

A functional neurologist is also dedicated to teaching you the tools to manage your condition on your own for a lifetime. The idea is to break your dependence on traditional health care by empowering you with the knowledge and tools you need to take charge of your health. The goal is to stop the vicious cycle of return trips to your doctor with little to no successful results.

If this sounds like the type of care you’ve been looking for, then take the time to seek out a functional neurologist and learn how they might be able to help you. It could be the best life-changing choice you ever make for yourself.