When it comes to health issues you should never ignore, type 2 diabetes should be near the top of the list. While relatively common, that doesn’t make the risks of this condition any less dangerous to your overall health. Unfortunately one reason why so many today don’t address this is because they simply aren’t aware of the fact that it affects them. This is why it’s so important to familiarize yourself with the warning signs of type 2 diabetes. Some of the most common to look out for are listed below.

Dark and Itchy Skin

When the skin becomes dark and itchy, this could be a sign that high levels of blood glucose is reducing the blood flow within the skin. While both of these issues could also be signs of other skin problems, it’s important to take them seriously because they both point to circulatory issues.

Rapid Weight Loss

Unexplained and rapid weight loss might seem like something not to worry about, but in reality it could be dangerous. That’s because it could mean that your blood sugar is much higher than it should be. As a result, glucose isn’t able to move into cells and the body then begins to think it’s starving. Once this happens, the kidneys work harder to get rid of the excess sugar and the entire body’s process goes into overdrive, which continues to cause problems with your overall health.

Fatigue and Mood Changes

Fatigue is something that most people can relate to. However, when it’s in connection with type 2 diabetes, it can become extreme. This is because chronically imbalanced blood sugar levels can send the body into overdrive, whether from constant urination, processing extra food, or trying to compensate for slowed functions. In turn this can cause problems in mood, resulting in irritability and anger.

Constant Hunger

When your blood sugar is extremely low, this leaves your body craving glucose. Even if you’ve been eating a lot while losing weight, hunger could still remain a problem if you suffer from type 2 diabetes.

Excessive Thirst

Do you find yourself waking up at night to go to the bathroom many more times than you would normally? This could be your body’s way of getting rid of extra glucose in the blood, which is a surefire sign of diabetes. If accompanied by excessive thirst throughout the day, that means your body is working hard to hydrate and replenish the fluids that it’s losing from the increased urination.

How to Handle Your Type 2 Diabetes Suspicions

If you can relate to any of the symptoms listed above, it’s always best to address them rather than ignore and hope they get better. By meeting with a functional neurologist, you will receive comprehensive care based on your individual body. They will put the focus on the root cause of your symptoms so they can help you determine the right solutions and you can get on the road to better health and wellness more quickly.