Concussions are extremely common. Unfortunately their commonality often makes a lot of people assume they shouldn’t be taken seriously. While most individuals will visit their doctor to get a checkup, sometimes they won’t go through the steps needed to rehabilitate their brain. Why is rehabilitation for the brain important? Because parts of the brain can be injured when someone has a concussion, and the effects can continue on well into the future. Through concussion therapy most people are able to gain back functionality while preventing future issues from occurring.

Where Should You Go?

A functional neurologist who specializes in concussion therapy is a great practitioner to see for concussion therapy. This is because functional neurologists are well educated about the central nervous system, brain, spinal cord and human body in general. This extensive knowledge gives them insight into the world of concussions and how they can provide brain- based therapy.

Functional Neurology for Concussions

When you first visit a functional neurologist with your concussion, they will run a number of different evaluations. These are designed to give the doctor information about where your brain injury is, how severe it is and whether or not there are any serious issues going on. After a brain injury there are actually chemicals in your brain that are constantly being released, even years afterward. If these chemicals aren’t put into check and the proper therapy isn’t provided, they can end up causing damage to the rest of the brain, which can result in losing even more functionality.

After the evaluations are over and the practitioner has the results that they need, they will develop a therapy plan that is suited for your specific brain injury. This is important, as no two people have the same problems, even if they stem from the same injury. There are many different exercises they can do with you, and these will be ongoing. By regularly doing different exercises you may be able to gain back functionality that you had previously lost, and prevent future problems from occurring as well.

This type of therapy is an excellent choice if you want to avoid surgery or drugs, as it’s simply your body working to better itself. Your functional neurologist will explain the therapy process and give you as much information as you need during each of your appointments. They want to keep your central nervous system healthy and make sure problems related to your concussion are taken care of in the appropriate manner.