Dealing with a traumatic brain injury is something that every patient can look at differently. While some might take it seriously, the majority of others fall under the impression that if they “feel fine”, then they don’t have to make care a priority. So what’s the right way to approach a traumatic brain injury? According to a Denver functional neurologist, you must never ignore the injury and seek both immediate and follow-up care. Some of the reasons why ignoring the problem can be so dangerous are listed below.

Feeling Fine Doesn’t Mean You’re Not in Danger

Whether you were knocked down while playing your favorite sport or fell on a slippery sidewalk, a hit to your head should always be taken seriously. Even if you didn’t lose consciousness, there could be a lot of underlying damage at hand. In order to address immediate danger, you should seek medical care. After that, you should continue with rehabilitation from a care provider such as a functional neurologist. These professionals understand the complexities of traumatic brain injuries and will focus on helping you overcome them in the most effective manner.

Long-Term Damage is Possible

Another reason why it’s so important to receive comprehensive care for a brain injury is because long-term damage could continue long after the initial hit. This is because the connections in the brain, once damaged, can continuously wear down on other connections. As a result, this could mean having trouble with many cognitive functions. Some that concussion sufferers have reported months and even years after the injury include:

– Memory Problems
– Fatigue
– Irritability
– Trouble with Problem Solving
– Depression
– Headaches

Rehabilitation Can Help

By meeting with a functional neurologist who can help you with rehabilitation, you may be able to avoid future damage caused from the brain injury. This is because their unique brain-based therapies work to encourage new connections and heal the damaged areas of the brain. This can mean minimizing the amount of side effects you experience and regaining functionality that you might have lost after the injury.

The Power of the Brain

When any individual suffers from a traumatic brain injury, the cells within it can become damaged. Unfortunately because each of these play a role in every function of the body, from helping you remember things to controlling how you solve problems, even mild damage can become a big problem. The good news is that because the brain is so powerful, it can be healed and rehabilitated just as the rest of the body. However, the help of an experienced professional is incredibly important in doing so, which is why working with a functional neurologist is Denver is so highly recommended.

With their help you’ll learn more about your individual brain-to-body connection, how it was affected by the injury, and what can be done to heal it. From there, you can get started with effective solutions that may help your brain in more ways than you ever thought possible.