After a concussion, life can change. In the beginning this might mean getting more rest and avoiding physical activity in order to help protect the brain from further damage. In the following months, weeks, and years changes can come in the form of memory loss, difficulty solving problems, trouble handling emotions, and many other issues. While these symptoms may not be bothersome initially, they can get in the way of living a comfortable life after an extended length of time. It’s at this point when most people look for ways they can find relief and get back to what they knew as a “normal life”. Unfortunately for many, they are given medications to help alleviate their symptoms.

While medications might provide temporary relief, they don’t ultimately address the health issues that are causing the symptoms in the first place. This is why symptoms will inevitably return once someone stops taking their medication. If you’d like to avoid the medication route and address your concussion in a more in-depth manner, then help through a functional neurologist in Denver, CO is a great place to start.

Why Functional Neurology?

Unlike traditional care for concussions, a functional neurologist will focus on how the concussion damaged different areas of your brain and how that’s playing a role in your symptoms today. To be as thorough as possible, they will give you a comprehensive neurological evaluation that actually pinpoints the areas that were damaged and are having trouble properly working as a result. While this testing does take longer, it’s worth it for the information that is learned.

The next step in the functional neurology approach is to find a solution that can rehabilitate the brain so damaged connections can be healed and even re-built. In order to do this, functional neurologists utilize drug-free solutions such as brain based therapies. Designed to stimulate the brain, these therapies are incredibly effective because they don’t simply numb symptoms like medication. Instead, they encourage healing and the creation of new connections so the brain can begin communicating with the body more effectively.

For those who stick with their therapy plan and work closely with their functional neurologist, they may notice positive changes take place. From symptoms that are less intense to those that diminish completely, the brain’s incredible ability to heal will be evident. What’s even better is the fact that this may mean not needing to take medications just to feel better. Instead, you’ll begin feeling better because you’re tackling the issue at the root.

Which Natural Solution is Right for You?

There are many brain based therapies available to help with rehabilitation after a concussion. However, because no two brain injuries are the exact same, it’s important to meet with a functional neurologist in Denver, CO to determine the exact option that’s right for you. They’ll work closely with you to find the best choice and will continue helping you make the most of therapy until you begin to feel better.