If you’re experiencing painful migraine headaches, then you understand how unbearable the pain can be. Migraine headaches are debilitating and the eyes become extremely sensitive to light, making it impossible to drive a vehicle or function properly at the workplace. When experiencing a migraine, most people will search for a dark, quiet place to lie down and ride out the pain until it eventually subsides.

Oftentimes, migraine headaches can last for a few hours; aspirin and other over-the-counter medications generally have little or no effect and individuals who are searching for some form of relief can begin to feel as if they are caught up in a hopeless situation. True migraines can feel like a form of torture for suffering individuals – it’s a painful and lonely place to be. Most sufferers will try just about anything to find some sort of relief from the pain. This is where a Denver migraine clinic can provide support and help by searching for the true cause of the migraines. 

A Unique Approach

There are many things that set a migraine clinic apart from other clinics that simply treat the symptoms of migraines. Some migraine clinics use a new approach to providing chiropractic care. The key to their success is three crucial disciplines including immunology, neurology, and endocrinology. This is not the typical approach most clinics take. 

A chiropractor that is well educated in migraine care doesn’t merely treat the predominant symptoms, but they search for the root cause of the issue instead. First, the team gains a complete understanding of their patient’s medical background. They will then create a precise plan of therapy that’s designed to address the individual’s unique situation and circumstance. They also perform a thorough investigation to determine the connection between the brain and body. This kind of support can be particularly effective and valuable to individuals who are suffering from the harsh effects of migraine headaches. 

Connections Between Brain and Body

When you consider all of the factors that can possibly contribute to migraines, it makes perfect sense to search for a connection between the brain and body. The chiropractic team searches beyond all of the external symptoms to find the actual cause of the issue. A thorough examination is performed on each patient in an effort to determine how the brain and body relate to the endocrine function, structure and physiology, immune function, and the nervous system function. Blood and neurological testing is performed as well. They test thought patterns, eye movement, reflexes, and more. Once the chiropractic team has identified possible causes, they work with the patient to get to the root of the issue.


A migraine specialist stands out above other clinics by considering all aspects of their patient’s health to uncover a solution that will provide a true answer to the issue in the shortest amount of time. Therapy is then administered to help and support the patient until their body naturally begins healing itself. 

If you’re experiencing the excruciating pain produced by migraine headaches, find a chiropractor that specializes in migraine care and discover if their methods can provide you with some much-deserved relief.