Dealing with a head injury is something that many people mistakenly think only requires rest. While it’s true that rest is an important detail in the recovery process, it should be part of a much larger solution plan overall. Due to the complexities of the brain, rest alone simply isn’t enough to help heal the damage that can occur with any degree of injury. In order to activate the brain’s ability to change, which is known as neuroplasticity, it has to be rehabilitated. This is why brain based therapies for head injuries in Denver, CO should be made a part of any head injury recovery plan.

Why is Brain Based Therapy so Important?

When your head is hit during an injury, whether from a slip and fall or push on the football field, the brain shifts from side to side at a rapid pace. Even if consciousness is not lost, this can cause quite a bit of damage to the cells and connections in the brain. This can result in you experiencing memory loss, heightened emotions, trouble solving problems, or a range of other symptoms that make you feel unlike yourself. As time goes on connections can further deteriorate, which can lead to increased intensity and duration of symptoms months or years in the future.

The good news is that the brain is incredibly resilient and can be rehabilitated in order to create new connections. However, this can only be done with the proper type of brain based therapies that are suitable for the type of injury experienced. To learn which therapies are right for you, a functional neurologist in Denver, CO will be able to help. Their experience with head injuries and using these types of therapies will ensure you’re given the most in-depth rehabilitation experience possible.

How Brain Based Therapies Work

When you first see a functional neurologist in Denver, CO for help recovering from a brain injury, they will provide you with an in-depth neurological exam. This is important because it will locate the exact areas of the brain that were damaged and are having trouble communicating with the rest of the body. Once that information has been gathered, the right type of brain based therapy can be chosen. Fortunately there are many therapy options, with some using olfactory stimulation and others using visual or auditory.

While using the selected therapy, you might not feel like you’re really doing anything special. This is because these use programs such as games on the computer or listening activities that are enjoyable to take part in. Although you may not realize it, inside your brain big changes will be happening as nerves are stimulated and new connections are built in areas where the injury caused damage.

Addressing Your Brain Injury and Working Towards Rehabilitation

A brain injury, whether it was experienced weeks, months, or years ago, should be rehabilitated in the most comprehensive manner. To make sure this happens, it’s recommended to utilize brain based therapy. A functional neurologist in Denver, CO can walk you through this and help make sure you’re given the best chance at a full recovery.