If you’ve been searching for a solution to ongoing concussion related symptoms, you may have heard about Brain Based Therapy, or BBT. BBT is a powerful, all natural technique that may be used to restore concussion patients to their optimum state of health. It is a clinical, functional neurological protocol that was developed by Dr. Fred Carrick, the leading chiropractic neurologist in the U.S. Many patients suffering with symptoms such as dizziness, instability, fogginess and light sensitivity following concussions have been helped with Brain Based Therapies.

What is Brain Based Therapy?

Brain Based Therapy is based on the brain’s dependence on sensory input from the body and other parts of the brain. A sufficient level of nerve activity is necessary to support healthy brain and body function, including mental clarity and physical vitality.

Brain Based Therapy aims to locate imbalances or deficient pathways in the cerebellum, brain stem and cortex, where ‘misfiring’ is occurring. Neurons that are not receiving enough stimulation (or oxygen and fuel) may become unhealthy or weak, much like muscles. By locating and stimulating areas of imbalance or dysfunction in the brain, BBT may help restore a concussion patient’s health and well being and resolve symptoms.

What’s Involved in Brain Based Therapy?

Brain Based Therapy must start with a very thorough neurological exam. The exam determines which aspect of the brain is not firing correctly, or which areas need stimulation. Therapy often focuses on one side of the body, as this is how the opposite side (or hemisphere) of the brain is stimulated.

Therapies include safe, gentle chiropractic adjustments or other techniques or tools that will stimulate function in the effected part of the brain very precisely. Depending on the patient’s unique condition, visual, auditory or olfactory stimulation may be used to increase brain firing. Physical rehabilitation, exercise, nutritional therapies and more may be utilized; all with the goal of helping patients achieve recovery from concussion-related injury and associated symptoms.

In time, the brain is naturally and holistically re-wired, so the body can do what it is meant to do; heal itself. BBT helps patients achieve a clearer understanding of how they can achieve overall health and wellness long term.

Why Work with a Chiropractic Neurologist for BBT?

Chiropractors are extensively trained in areas involved in traumatic brain injury and recovery. An additional three years of training specific to the functional integrity of the central nervous system is required of Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologists. Every day, chiropractors help patients with concussions, including sports injury patients and auto accident victims. A chiropractor with advanced education in neurology is likely to have seen and helped many patients recover from the ongoing physical, mental and emotional problems associated with concussion.

Brain Based Therapies are an excellent choice for help with a variety of chronic conditions, including concussion symptoms. Opt for a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist if you’ve sought care and support from traditional or other alternative therapies with little or no results. You’re likely to be amazed at what BBT can achieve.