Learning that you have type 2 diabetes can be disheartening but it doesn’t have to mean settling for poor health for the rest of your life. If your traditional health care provider hasn’t given you the tools or drug-free solutions that you want, then consider looking to a functional neurologist in Denver for help. Their approach will be a refreshing change from what you’re used to, as they use personalized testing for the entire body to identify and address the underlying cause of your health issues. To get a better idea of how these care providers can help you, take a look at the common questions and the answers you can expect from them listed below.

Q: Can you help me control my type 2 diabetes naturally?

A: The answer that you can expect from a functional neurologist is “yes” because they do not use drugs to help their patients. Instead they use full body testing to determine where the imbalances, dysfunctions, and deficiencies within your body are located. Why is it important to identify these? Because issues like these can cause your body to stop functioning properly, which in turn can contribute to type 2 diabetes as well as many other health issues.

Q: What solutions do you use?

A: The answer to this won’t be as clear cut as the last, but that’s for good reason. Functional neurologists can’t give you the exact solutions that will help you until you’ve had the proper testing done. After all, the underlying health issues that are contributing to your type 2 diabetes and other symptoms will be far different from those affecting anyone else. However, if you’re still interested in learning some of the drug-free solutions that are out there, they include:

– Hormonal Therapy

– Weight Loss

– Nutrition Counseling

– Supplement Intake

– Allergy Testing

Q: How long will it take to experience changes?

A: When you’re using the functional neurology approach, you’re giving your body a chance to actually heal itself in areas that could have been damaged for months or even years. This is why it will take some time to experience the changes in your body. However, if you work with your functional neurologist for the long-term, the changes in your health can make it well worth it. From fewer type 2 diabetes symptoms to keeping your blood sugar levels in check, their help can have a positive impact on the way you feel well into the future. And because you won’t be using medications to numb your symptoms, the results will be permanent rather than temporary.

Learning About Your Type 2 Diabetes

Don’t let type 2 diabetes take over your life. Take control of your health by seeing a care provider in Denver who is truly dedicated to finding the root cause of the problem. Although functional neurology’s comprehensive approach might be new to you, you’ll see the advantages of it from the first visit. Ultimately this can result in better health in the future that leaves you more comfortable and capable of taking care of yourself.