Anytime a child suffers a head injury that may involve concussion, immediate medical care is a must. Concussions are mild traumatic brain injuries, and the risk of brain damage is real. In the case of a secondary concussion, potential risks are even more serious. These include loss of life. Concussions can happen even when children are wearing protective headgear at the time of an injury, and they do not always involve a loss of consciousness or other obvious symptoms.

Following necessary emergency medical care for concussion, parents can seek out additional support for children to help ensure they recover as fully and swiftly as possible. In standard medicine, the usual course of action for concussion recovery involves plenty of rest and sometimes medications for pain relief. In fact, there is typically much more that can be done. The right clinic can perform a comprehensive evaluation and provide therapeutic support to facilitate healing and recovery.

In the case of a concussion, trauma to the head interrupts the normal function of the brain and body. Healing can be supported through care that focuses on recovering optimal function. A functional neurologist can provide therapeutic support that is customized and effective.

The best clinic for pediatric concussion care will go far beyond attempting to manage symptoms. Comprehensive, in-depth testing can determine exactly what is going on with brain function; any dysfunction or imbalances can be identified precisely. Instead of taking a ‘wait and see’ approach, a functional neurologist can identify problems right away. Instead of waiting for symptoms to appear or to worsen, therapeutic support can start to facilitate healing.

The type of care functional neurologists provide is safe, gentle and drug-free. Brain-based therapies often achieve terrific results for children who’ve suffered a concussion and are struggling with symptoms. The best clinics can even help in cases where the head injury occurred some time ago. It is never too late to be thoroughly evaluated and explore the potential benefits of focusing on the brain’s natural ability to recover and heal.

Functional neurology takes advantage of the latest technology to evaluate and provide therapeutic support for pediatric concussions. Care is always customized, because every individual and every injury is unique. Individualized care is extremely important in rehabilitation after a concussion, because therapies that are custom-tailored to the person’s precise needs tend to facilitate the most efficient recovery.

In conventional medical care, there isn’t much that can be done for mild traumatic brain injuries such as concussions other than recommending rest and possibly some medications for symptom relief. If you’d like to take a more proactive approach, seek out the support of an experienced functional neurologist. You’ll find there is much that can be done for pediatric concussions to maximize recovery and achieve the best possible outcome for your child.