Concussions and traumatic brain injuries are very serious and should not be overlooked even if it seems like you’re fine and you don’t have any symptoms. Brain injuries can actually affect you well into the future. Did you know that symptoms and problems from a concussion or traumatic brain injury can be permanent especially if not treated, and they can manifest up to 5 years later as is the case for posttraumatic seizures?

For this reason it’s best to get an evaluation to assess if there is any residual damage or dysfunction. Most traditional practitioners don’t have the extensive training in brain function that a functional neurologist has. Traditional practitioners will typically tell you to rest until symptoms subside without pursuing any further brain rehabilitation. A functional neurologist will perform a thorough physical and neurological evaluation to determine whether any imbalances are occurring in your brain function and other body systems.

Common symptoms of a concussion or other traumatic brain injury are just that, the common ones.  They are not the only symptoms that are possible.  Some symptoms can be brought out with a detailed examination and it is a thorough history informed by the activities that a person chooses to engage in that help determine the exam. Many functional impairments are not readily apparent. For example, a patient may think that they have no problems and the problem with their balance does not become apparent until they get on the ski slopes during ski season while on the black diamond run. This type of situation can lead to catastrophic injuries.

When you work with a functional neurologist you can expect that they will use many brain based therapies such as computer based and traditional oculomotor and vestibular rehabilitation. They may also recommend other natural therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy. Working with a practitioner that is able to offer you many options for different forms of therapy is important because they can adjust your care if you’re not responding as expected to certain therapies.  Your practitioner will combine your therapies in the most effective way which allows them to get results where others providers can’t.  It is this informed synergy inherent in customized treatment protocols, which benefits patients and allows them to beat the statistics.

If you or a loved one sustains a blow to the head through sports or an accident please take it seriously and have an evaluation done by a functional neurologist to see if there’s any residual damage. Your brain function, which affects your overall health, is too important to ignore.