It is common knowledge to rest and take it easy after a concussion, but how is a person supposed to know when they are able to resume their daily activities? Is there a standard timetable to follow? When can a person with a concussion go back to work, or resume their exercise routine? When can they return to the sports they usually played? When are they considered back to normal? What can they do to speed up the healing process?

If you or someone you love has had a concussion, the chances are good that some or all of these questions has crossed your mind during that time. The truth is that recovery and healing from a concussion can be a lengthy process, and a frustrating one, if there are setbacks. So what can a person with a concussion do? First, it is of utmost importance that they follow their brain doctor’s directions and guidelines.

They would never do anything to harm your brain, or steer you wrong. You should follow their instructions even if you think they are being overly cautious and if you think they are taking too long. This is because if you choose not to heed your brain doctor’s advice and try to do too much, too fast, you run the risk of reinjuring your already bruised brain. This means rather than progressing forward in your recovery, and being able to do more things, you will be taking a step backward in your recovery and will be advised to do less than you were doing before.

The truth is that there is no standard timetable when it comes to recovering from a brain injury. There is no cookie cutter, one size fits all approach. Each person’s brain injury is unique. Each person heals at a different rate. They must follow their doctor’s guidance when it comes to getting back to their daily lives. If a person has an office job where they are seated at a desk all day, they are likely to go back to work sooner than someone with a more active job, such as a PE teacher at a school. They will not be allowed to teach students how to play sports until their brain is fully healed. If they return to work too soon, they can hurt themselves.

Very often, people who experience a concussion will wonder when they will be considered “back to normal” and the truth is that it varies for each person. If you or a loved one has a concussion, know that the best thing you can do it so be patient. It is the easiest thing in the world to suggest, but it is one of the most difficult suggestions to accept and to abide. There usually isn’t a single thing that can be done to speed up the healing process. It takes patience, rest and time. But if there were a single thing that could be suggested to speed up healing of the brain, it would definitely be to follow your brain doctor’s orders to the letter. Do not do too much, too soon. Finally, if you have questions, make sure to ask your brain doctor. Do you have any lingering questions? Write them down so you don’t forget, and give out office a call today.