By Dr. Shawn VanWinkle

When it comes to your health, there is very little that can be more important than a good functioning brain and thyroid gland. Lots of people suffer from brain injuries and many more suffer from thyroid dysfunction. What most people do not know and your doctor probably didn’t tell is that your brain helps to make sure your thyroid stays health and the thyroid returns the favor by helping the brain stay healthy!

Thyroid hormone is released from the thyroid gland and communicates with EVERY cell in the body (including brain cells) to help them function properly. In order for the thyroid gland to do its job properly, it has to get good messages from cells in the brain to tell it how much thyroid hormone to release and when to do it! Anything that disrupts the relationship between these two organs can lead to countless symptoms in the body!

10 most common causes of thyroid and brain dysfunction:

1. Brain injury (whiplash, concussion, PTSD, etc.)

2. Blood sugar imbalances (most common)

3. Anemia

4. Long term infection/illness

5. Leaky gut syndrome

6. Food sensitivities

7. Exposure to environmental toxins

8. Poor functioning immune system/autoimmunity

9. Neurotransmitter imbalances

10. Hormone imbalances

Keeping your thyroid and brain healthy:

Living with these symptoms or conditions is not a necessary part of your life. Many of these problems can be corrected following a functional medicine and functional neurology workup and a specific recommended course of care. Healthy thyroid and healthy brain are important components of a healthy lifestyle and body!

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